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OrchardGo Adds New Social Features To Empower Artists

OrchardGo Adds New Social Features To Empower Artists

Today there is an increased emphasis for artists to be actively present and engaged online and meet fans where they are. OrchardGo, The Orchard’s exclusive mobile app, has rolled out new features that provide comprehensive data on an artist’s social media landscape, for both artists and labels who have content distributed by The Orchard, as well as their teams. 

The Orchard launched OrchardGo at the tail end of 2019, providing distributed labels the ability to analyze their artists’ streaming performance data right from their mobile device. Labels can view playlist placements in real time, view track performance data, and see key markets where fans are listening. 

Now, these dialed up capabilities enable artists to make informative release and marketing strategies, while fostering custom and meaningful connections with fans. 

Want to learn how you can use OrchardGo’s newest features? We’ll break it down. Let’s GO!  

OrchardGo Adds New Social Features To Empower Artists

Engage With Fans Directly

OrchardGo makes it easy to analyze your entire social media presence by compiling all your social platforms into one cohesive place. With OrchardGo, artist teams can measure their social media engagement and react in real time without leaving the OrchardGo app. OrchardGo monitors fans’ top interactions and ranks them in algorithmic order through social posts, hashtags, follower count, and geography. Users can view their most interacted posts and engage with fans directly by commenting right from the OrchardGo app. Exploring social numbers isn’t exclusive to your own artist though! OrchardGo also allows you to search for any artist who is active on social platforms. 

Discover Where Your Fans Are

With OrchardGo, artists can discover where in the world their fans are! The app allows the artist to segment fans by follower count and geographic location. This gives artists the opportunity to interact with their “super fans” or micro-influencers.  

Know When You’re Trending

Trending, but not sure why? OrchardGo actively monitors and lets artists know of trending moments through push notifications, so they can interact with fans in real time. OrchardGo’s push notifications show artists when and why they are trending in real time, enabling them to act quickly and continue to drive further engagement with their fan base. 

Track Your Follower Count 

Eager to know the exact follower bump you gained in the last week, month, year? OrchardGo provides daily changes in the artist’s social following. Artists are able to see how many followers they’ve lost or gained in a given time period. 

Knowledge is power with OrchardGo, and artists can feel confident to leverage this intelligence to pursue meaningful connections with their audience, while making informative decisions and strategies for music releases and marketing campaigns. Now available on iOS and Android stores, download OrchardGo to take fan engagement to the next level. 

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