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Manifestgalan Honors Independent Swedish Music: 2023 Winners Revealed

Manifestgalan Honors Independent Swedish Music: 2023 Winners Revealed

Every year, the Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter (translated to “Swedish Independent Music Producers”, also known as SOM) honors the Swedish independent music sector with Manifestgalan. The 20th annual Manifestgalan took place live at Pustervik in Gothenburg following the 2023 Manifest Talks, which was sponsored in part by The Orchard. We’re excited to congratulate our distributed partners on eight wins this year! 

Violinist, singer, and composer Sara Parkman (Supertraditional) received three awards, including Composer of the Year, Experimental of the Year, and Folk of the Year. Parkman’s award-winning album Eros Agape Philia was influenced by her studies of love found in Ancient Greek text; Eros, the romantic or erotic; Agape, the divine; and Philia, the friendly or familial love. 

Gothenburg-based singer, writer, and producer Jacob Öhrvall (Gaphals) was awarded Newcomer of the Year. Despite being named a “newcomer,” Öhrvall has worked alongside numerous experimental bands, such as Klabbes Bank, The Big Almost, Thoughts of Jacon, and as an ex-bass player in the German indie rock band 1000 Gram. As a solo artist, Jacob explores more in the indie-pop lane with apparent ’80s influences. In 2022, Jacob released his second solo record Hj​ä​rnan av och smajlet på.

Find the full list of 2023 Manifestgalan winners here and The Orchard distributed winners below. 

SKAPs och Manifests pris till årets kompositör / SKAP’s and Manifest’s prize for composer of the year

Sara Parkman – Eros Agape Philia (Supertraditional) 

Årets Experimentellt / Experimental of the Year

Maria W Horn & Sara Parkman – Funeral Folk (XKatedral/Supertraditional) 

Årets Folk / Folk of the Year

Sara Parkman – Eros Agape Philia (Supertraditional) 

Årets Visa / Show of the year

Ellinor Brolin – Det tredje årtusendet (Branschen) 

Årets Soul/R&B / Soul/R&B of the year

Bavé – All Stars Aligned (The Satchi Six) 

Årets Barnmusik / Children’s music of the year

Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye – A troym oyf a boym (MaestroMusic) 

Årets Jazz / Jazz of the year

HederosgruppenStåplats (Hoob Records) 

Årets nykomling / Newcomer of the Year

Jacob Öhrvall (Gaphals) 

Årets Live / Live Performance

Hannes (The Satchi Six) 

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