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Voting Is Now Open for SXSW 2020 PanelPicker

Voting Is Now Open for SXSW 2020 PanelPicker

SXSW wants YOU to choose what gets discussed at the 2020 SXSW festival. Their annual PanelPicker is now open through August 23rd. It’s a user-generated proposal platform that fans can vote through to get a significant say in conference programming. Anything from presentations, panels and workshops is fair game for your vote. 

Get a history lesson in music while looking toward the future. Embracing Disruption in Music is our co-founder Richard Gottehrer’s History 101 class in how producing and distribution has changed over the years. Richard will touch on how he used the power of a song to forge the path for some of the industry’s most notable artists. Additionally, speakers will discuss how disruption in a constantly changing industry can be a source for inspiration and problem solving to propel one’s music career forward. 

YES, let’s ace this course.

Maybe you’re a music fan interested in artists from around the world? Or you’re in a band and want to get your music overseas? Now more than ever, music transcends borders and languages; it’s more global, universal and connected than ever before. Whether it’s K-Pop or Latin as examples of recent remarkable industry growth, this session will reveal how focusing locally evolves into global impact. Our COO Colleen Theis will touch on that and more in Local Focus, Global Impact: Breaking Down Barriers

Global Impact is my track.

Your song could be the next commercial earworm but you have to pitch it to the right people  and the right medium. It’s a process but The State of Sync will show you how it’s done and the best practices for doing so. This expert panel will walk through real case studies, review results and tell all: how do you get your music in your favorite show, movie or video game? 

Yep, lets Sync my vote to this panel.

What was once taboo has evolved into a creative necessity: marketing. The right-brain child of the marketing umbrella, content creation is a continuous stream of brand marketing many artists have embraced to build an identity that is unique to them. It’s a way to connect with fans authentically while driving them to your latest work or product. Activating Your Fanbase Online & Beyond will show artists how to build a brand and what tools are available to maintain it, building a fanbase and monetizing on your music.

I’m ready to find my fans.

Be sure to browse all SXSW Panelpicker sessions to make the conference tailored to what you’re interested in. We’ll see you in Austin! 

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