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Ten Minutes With sad alex

Ten Minutes With sad alex

The saga of the ghosted girl continues with the pink haired, melancholy yet jovial spirit that is sad alex. You’ve watched her performance including recent releases, “hypotheticals” and “stockholm’s a ghost town,” now get to know the stories behind the artist. 

Continuing the video format of our Ten Minutes With (More or Less) series, The Orchard is excited to share this pre-distancing interview with the happy sad girl herself, sad alex, as well as an extra bonus video!

Sad alex tells us about her style, inspirations, upcoming music, and the first song she ever wrote. Learn more about sad alex and why she classifies herself as a “happy sad girl,” and how Bon Iver gets her every time. 

Watch below to enjoy a “good bad day” with sad alex:

Now that you’ve gotten a bit of her backstory, let’s get to know sad alex on another level…

We challenged sad alex to answer a few embarrassing questions about herself. If she answers, she gets a sip of tasty red wine, courtesy of our neighbors at Astor Wines. 

What did we find out? Well, firstly she’s either an open book or thirsty for that Cab. Watch below for some lesser known tidbits about the electro-pop artist. 

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