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The Story on SoundCloud Instagram Stories

The Story on SoundCloud Instagram StoriesHave you heard the news? Get your head out of the clouds because SoundCloud has come to Instagram! New to Instagram Stories, you can now share what you’re listening to on SoundCloud.

When posting on Stories, the album artwork will become the background of your Story, and a SoundCloud branded sticker will be generated with the song info which you can place wherever you’d like. Instagram users can then click the linked track to listen on SoundCloud.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the song you want to listen to within the SoundCloud App
  • Click the share option
  • Select the ‘Share to Instagram Stories’ option

The Story on SoundCloud Instagram Stories

In the past we’ve seen users post SoundCloud screen shots, or screen recordings to Instagram Stories, so this feature will offer a great, easy alternative to lead users to the platform and generate more streams. The new feature is not only helpful to promote your catalogue, but can also highlight fan remixes. This share option is especially useful for growing artists who may not have access to the Story swipe-up feature yet.

Back in May we saw Instagram offer a similar feature with Spotify, and then followed up with the ability to add background music to your Stories, as well. We’re excited see where this new SoundCloud opportunity leads!

Image and Gif courtesy of SoundCloud

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