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Facilitate Discovery with Snapchat Search & Artist Promotions

snapchat-searchWe’ve already established that Snapchat should be one of your tools in your preverbal marketing toolbox. To keep you on top of your snapping game, here are some recent updates and promotions that can enhance your reach on the platform.

Universal Searching

In Snapchat’s most recent update (set to roll out to all Android and iPhone users soon), they have updated their Search tool to make it easier for fans to find you and for you to gain followers. Prior to this update, searching for accounts to follow was difficult and cumbersome, which made it hard to build your profile. In order to make fans aware of your account, you had to share your Snapcode on other platforms, add people hoping they added you back, and/or have a major influencer mention you. With Snapchat Search, fans can simply look up your Snapchat profile in a universal search bar placed at the top of the app’s screen instead of digging around in to find the proper search tools. 

Latest Promotions with Artists

Snapchat has been continuously working with more musicians to engage users with new content in creative ways. Most recently, Ed Sheeran teased a new single hidden within a Snapchat lens. Back in December 2016, Snapchat and Shazam teamed up to allow you to Shazam songs within Snapchat’s camera screen, then engage with artists’ Shazam content and share it with friends (up to 16 friends in a group chat) within Snapchat, all while never leaving the Snapchat app. Also last year, Ingrid Michaelson created an entire music video with Snapchat filters and later premiered it on YouTube, and Shell paired with musicians to create an Interactive Music Video for Snapchat to raise awareness around sustainable energy choices. Working with musicians isn’t something new to Snapchat, but the partnerships continue to evolve and expand, and we’re likely to see even more of this in 2017.

What does this all means for you? With Snapchat becoming even more user-friendly and supportive of influencers with this update, you can now bet that more of your fans will actively engage with you on it — if you’re providing interesting and engaging content. Have a new album coming out in 2017? Hitting the road for a nationwide tour? Hype it up and on your Snapchat and give your audience quick peeks into the recording process, tour life and daily standout moments.

Remember: Have fun, be creative and engaging, and don’t forget to let your fans know they can find you on Snapchat!

Image courtesy of Snapchat.

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