Welcome, Christopher!

christopher_cruzIntroducing Christopher Cruz, Production Coordinator, Physical

Hello! My name is Chris, I am thrilled to have joined the physical production team here at The Orchard. Raised in NYC I attended Fiorello LaGuardia High School and then Cooper Union and F.I.T where I majored and received my bachelor’s degree in Packaging Design and Advertising Marketing communications.


Ten Albums You Might Have Missed In 2015

We love year-end “Best of” lists. But we love underdogs even more. Here are ten albums you might have missed that didn’t rub shoulders with Kendrick, Adele, or Drake. But they impressed the hell out of us.

MinibooneMiniboone: Bad Sports [Ernest Jenning Record Co.]

Best new-wave power-pop album of the year. Five fun-loving NYC guys create clever, quirky and exuberant rock with awesome vocal harmonies. They remind us of Pretty & Nice and The Teeth. Onstage, they charm and amaze. Offstage, they farm maple glaze. Stream the whole thing on Spotify. (more…)

Freeloader Friday: Eleanor Friedberger, Big Ups & More

New ViewHi again! It’s me, your new friend Montana, here to share some great music from the past week. It was a pretty somber time for music with the passing of David Bowie, but I like to think that his career might have inspired some of the bands I’m going to highlight for you today. Let’s see what we have here, shall we?

Let’s start with Eleanor Friedberger. Her new album, New View, comes out next Friday on Frenchkiss Records. We’ve already heard two tracks, “He Didn’t Mention His Mother” and “Sweetest Girl,” but now we can hear the whole thing thanks to NPR First Listen! The album is beautiful, and the words tied together sound like magical spells as Friedberger sings with such intent. It’s definitely an easy-listening kind of album, but not in any ordinary way — the instrumentals are engaging and help convey the message of each song. My favorite song on the album is “Two Versions of Tomorrow,” check it out for sure. (more…)

Welcome, Peter!

PeterIannoneIntroducing Peter Iannone, Software Engineer, Distribution Squad

Hi, I’m Peter. I’m a new software engineer on The Orchard’s Music Distro squad. I studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Stony Brook University. After college, I worked at RED Distribution and then in ad tech for a bit. In my spare time, I like to experiment with new technologies and tinker with electronic music production. I’m very happy to be working in the music/entertainment industry again and with such awesome people!

Listen to the Corridos of El Chapo Guzmán

chapoMany myths and legends have prevailed throughout history through the simple power of word of mouth. That is what Corridos are: the real stories of the land, of the bar, of the good and of the bad and sometimes of heroes.

Drug dealing began in Latin America decades ago, produced in South and Central America and traveling on the best distribution routes, by plane, by sea and even by “Mulas” (people who carry drugs inside their body). The goal is always to get to the most important market, the one that pays in U.S. dollars.