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YouTube Copyright Claims

YouTube Copyright Claims

If you have received a notice from YouTube that your video contains content that is owned or licensed by The Orchard, a music distribution company, please read the outline below which will address any questions you may have. Please know that The Orchard is not claiming to own your video, does not intend to sue you, and in most cases will not be removing your video.

The notice you have received informs you that YouTube’s Content Identification System (Content ID) has matched a portion of the audio and/or visual component used in your video to content that belongs to a particular copyright owner or was licensed to a distributor (e.g. The Orchard or The Orchard on behalf of AWAL). YouTube’s Help Center explains Content ID as:

Copyright holders use Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners. When Content ID identifies a match between your video and a file in this database, it applies the policy chosen by the content owner.


If you have received a notice, you can find all related information in Creator Studio under Channel Content > Videos. After pasting the Video ID in the filter bar, hover over “Copyright” in the Restrictions column, then select “See Details.”

YouTube Copyright Claims

Upon selecting, you will see a screen like the one below:

YouTube Copyright Claims

On this page, you will see a status overview, which includes whether or not the claim is affecting your channel at large, as well as the visibility and monetization status of the video. The content used and impact this claim has on your video are also listed on this page. 

After reviewing the causes and status of the claim on your video, YouTube gives users the following suggestions (from “Learn about Content ID claims” in YouTube’s Help Center):

  • Leave it as is: If you believe a claim is valid, you can do nothing and leave the claim on your video. You can also change your mind later.
  • Remove the claimed content: If you believe a claim is valid, you can remove the claimed content without having to upload a new video. If done successfully, any of these options will automatically remove the claim. You can find these options linked within the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the screen:
    • Trim out segment: You can edit out the claimed segment from your video.
    • Replace song: If the audio in your video is claimed, you may be able to replace your audio track with other audio from the YouTube Audio Library.
    • Mute song: If the audio in your video is claimed, you may be able to mute the claimed audio. You can choose whether to mute just the song or all audio in the video.
  • Dispute the claim: If you believe a claim is invalid and you’re confident you have all the necessary rights to use the claimed content, you can dispute the claim


There are several reasons to dispute a claim, but it is important to make sure the reasons apply to your specific situation and claim. YouTube has sections providing examples where the common reasons for disputing a claim of fair use and public domain are applicable. Otherwise, claims should be disputed in the event that you have exclusive rights or have correctly licensed all content present in your video, or the match is incorrect. Continued and frequent disputes against correct claims may result in rights holders taking action against your video or channel.

If after reviewing the resources from YouTube you still believe the claim is invalid and would like to proceed with the dispute, you will have to answer a series of questions and fill out the applicable fields in the dispute form provided by YouTube. The Orchard will address your claim accordingly once received. Please provide as much information as possible, as it will allow for a more thorough and accurate dispute resolution. If you do choose to dispute a claim, we ask for your patience, as reviewing disputes is a time-consuming process.

For more information about copyright on YouTube, please visit the Copyright and rights management page in the YouTube Help Center. We hope you find this information helpful. 

The Orchard Disputes Team
[email protected]

Images courtesy of YouTube

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