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5 Artists You Should Know: Vietnam

5 Artists You Should Know: Vietnam

Vietnam’s music scene is a dynamic fusion of traditional roots and modern influences. Traditional genres like folk and chamber music coexist with contemporary styles such as Hip-Hop, V-pop and indie experimentation. Social media platforms play a crucial role in promoting Vietnamese music globally, amplifying its reach and impact. This blending of traditional heritage with modern innovation reflects Vietnam’s pride in its cultural identity and ongoing artistic evolution.

In our ongoing series 5 Artists You Should Know, we introduce local artists from regions all over the world. We’re very excited to share these five rising artists in Vietnam that showcase the country’s diversity and global growth: VSTRA, RPT MCK, tanny ng, MINH, & BeepBeepChild.


VSTRA, a singer-songwriter from Hanoi, Vietnam, describes herself as an egoist with a lustful soul. Her music blends R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop, defying conventional norms while cherishing each genre’s fundamentals.

From her beginnings as a Vietnamese internet sensation to becoming an artist with multi-million streams, VSTRA’s journey is a testament to her ambition and transformative artistry. After releasing her debut album VSTRA, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. Keep an eye on VSTRA—her star is only set to rise higher.

City: Hanoi

Follow on Instagram: @vstra____official


Hanoi’s own Nghiêm Vũ Hoàng Long, aka RPT MCK, is a standout rapper and singer-songwriter. He began his career in 2018, making waves with his hit debut single “Tình Đắng Như Ly Cà Phê” featuring Nân. RPT MCK gained nationwide fame in 2020 as a finalist on Rap Việt, impressing with tracks like “Giàu Vì Bạn, Sang Vì Vợ” and “Dân Chơi Xóm.” That year, he was also named Most Promising Hip-Hop Act at the WeChoice Awards.

Since then, RPT MCK has solidified his place as a top hitmaker with hits like “Chìm Sâu,” “Tại Vì Sao,” and the chart-topping album 99%. With his unique style and undeniable talent, RPT MCK continues to shape the future of Vietnamese hip-hop.

City: Hanoi

Follow on Instagram: @rpt.mckeyyyyy

tanny ng

Tanny Ng has always embodied a spirit of musical experimentation throughout his young career. From his early explorations to his latest projects, he continuously pushes the boundaries of his sound. Unafraid to challenge conventional norms, Tanny blends various musical elements to craft a unique and refreshing style. His passion for experimentation results in music that is both sonically intriguing and emotionally resonant, 

With his newest album, affection’s blind, Tanny Ng showcases a newfound maturity in his musical expression, highlighting his growth as an artist and his relentless pursuit of innovation.

City: Hanoi

Follow on Instagram: @_tannyng_


MINH, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is making a name for himself on the global music stage. His exceptional talent for writing and singing in perfect English sets him apart, showcasing a modern Vietnamese identity that transcends generational labels like “Gen Z.”

MINH’s music has garnered a diverse international fanbase, especially in Japan, where his song “Intimate” became an unexpected hit. He’s had highlight performances at venues like Blueprint Live House in Bangkok and AXEAN Music Festival. With his unique sound and cross-cultural appeal, MINH is a rising star to watch in the music world.

City: Ho Chi Minh

Follow on Instagram: @theofficialminh


BeepBeepChild is a talented hip-hop and R&B producer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Known for his unique mix of jazzy, urban sounds with Western Hip-hop influences, he has worked with rising hip-hop stars like Daisy Le Garçon, SIXTYUPTOWN, and Low G, as well as popular R&B artist Hoàng Tôn.

His innovative production style and keen ear for blending genres have earned him a spot as one of the first Vietnamese artists to be featured and supported on Martin Garrix’s radio show. BeepBeepChild continues to push the envelope, solidifying his place as a pivotal figure in Vietnam’s evolving music landscape.

City: Hanoi

Follow on Instagram: @beepbeepchild

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