Work Your Spot on the iTunes Charts

iTunesChartsIn an effort to better represent chart placements on both iTunes and Apple Music, the music store and streaming service have recently made some changes to their chart rules. With these come changes to best practices when it comes to pre-orders, instant grat tracks and the delivery of standalone singles. Read up to make sure you give your releases the best chance of charting, and charting high.


Freeloader Friday: Rick Springfield, Adrian Younge & More

rick-springfield-press-2016-billboard-650Hey again everyone, and Happy Friday. This week’s lowdown is short and sweet, so let’s hop to it!

Rick Springfield released a new single off his upcoming album this week called “Let Me In.” Springfield admitted to Billboard that the song was inspired by some more difficult moments in his life, which is definitely a story we’ve heard from a lot of artists, but hey — trying times have roused some pretty powerful music (see: everything by Adele). This is a great modern rock song by a guy who seems to be timeless. Be sure to have a listen. (more…)

How to Build a Video Strategy with YouTube Traffic Sources

YouTube Traffic SourcesDeveloping a successful video strategy involves significant consideration and planning in the content, production and promotion of a given campaign. Without sufficient data on which to base key decisions, a strong campaign could miss the mark completely if the audience and YouTube ecosystem aren’t considered as well.

The best way to produce a successful video campaign is to first understand what has already worked and what hasn’t for your channel. Knowing where your viewership is already coming from will be a major factor in deciding how to maximize your next campaign. Fortunately, YouTube provides extremely detailed insights into the traffic sources for every one of your videos in YouTube Analytics. We’ll walk you through how each traffic source works and which ones you can impact the most to boost viewership.  (more…)

Periscope on Twitter: Going Live In 3, 2, 1….

periscope_underwater_ui_tweetable-smallIn the latest live streaming news, your Periscope broadcasts will now automatically play in Twitter. Previously, Periscope streams would only appear as a link in the tweet promoting your broadcast (you did promote it…right?). Fans would have to click that link, taking them outside of the Twitter app all together.

In this latest development, fans who don’t want to leave Twitter to watch your broadcast don’t have to! In fact, your fans don’t have to have the Periscope app or even know what Periscope is in order to watch your broadcast.