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Mental Health Organizations For Music Industry Professionals

Mental Health Organizations For Music Industry Professionals

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Within the music industry, there are many factors that contribute to the deprioritization of mental health. To top it off, the line between emotion and production is often blurred or completely erased in many creative fields.   

Below is a collection of mental health organizations all of which provide a variety of services to meet your needs. Check them out, connect, and remember, you are not alone. 


The Backline mission is to “ connect music industry professionals and their families with a trusted network of mental health and wellness providers.” The organization host events and often engages in speaking opportunities to spread awareness, create a space of belonging within the music industry and encourage those who need help to seek it. 

What they offer: Case management, Support Groups, Resources

How to contact: Email [email protected] or sign up for the email newsletter

Stay connected: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook 


A program run by the Recording Academy, MusiCares supports artists and music industry employees in crisis. The program is primarily focused on providing financial assistance for those struggling with health or other unavoidable concerns that could threaten their livelihood. 

What they offer: Financial support, addiction recovery, health programs

How to contact: Find contact information here or email [email protected] for general support

Stay connected: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook 

Sound Mind Live

Sound Mind Live aims to “…to end the stigma that surrounds mental health and mental illness through the power of music.” By tapping into the music industry and harnessing the power and influence of music, Sound Mind Live hopes to go beyond spreading awareness to help those with mental health illnesses thrive. 

What they offer: Events (discussions, festivals and more), access to therapy, support groups and helplines

How to contact: Send them a question here

Stay connected: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook 

Silence The Shame

Founded by music industry executive, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, Shanti Das, Silence the Shame aims to do just that, “… normalize the conversation, peel back the layers of shame, eliminate stigma, and provide support for mental well-being.”

What they offer: Crisis Response Trainings, Community Conversations, Wellness Trainings, digital content, outreach events

How to contact: Send them a note here

Stay connected: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook 

Help Musicians / Music Minds Matter

Founded by two musicians based in Denver, Colorado, Music Minds Matter is a protective, safe space for the artists that make the music we love. Their vulnerability is what we value so dearly but they also need to protect their own mental wellness, not just take care of their listeners. 

What they offer: Crisis hotlines, Crisis Response Course, Events, Community 

How to contact: Connect with them here

Stay connected: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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