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Mental Health Habits Suggested By Employees of The Orchard

Mental Health Habits Suggested By Employees of The Orchard

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. Mental health is an everyday practice that is important to our personal growth and joy. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, employees of The Orchard shared a few of their favorite mental health habits. Let’s end the stigma surrounding mental health by talking about it!

What are some of your favorite mental health habits?

“I find peace in cooking new dishes on Sunday mornings, taking a 10-minute yoga break stretch when I can during the workday to reset, and constantly practicing gratitude.” – Rio V. 

“Meditating with Headspace, talking a walk, taking breaks away from screens, practicing fitness routines.” – Joana H.

“Taking my dog out for a walk. Even for 10 or 15 minutes, it helps to disconnect and lets me catch some fresh air to be able to work with concentration again.” – Martin T.

“Drinking tea, listening to music, dancing, singing.” – Lisa W. 

“I personally create art when I am the most upset or overwhelmed. I find putting yourself in a situation to channel your emotions into something like art not only helps me, but I get something exciting out of it.”  – Vanessa C. 

“Stepping away from the daily routine for a short time especially when you are stressed.” – Ben W. 

“Exercise, writing/journaling, reading, listening to music, watching comedy/pet videos on YouTube.” – Mike H. 

“A communication style that favors flexibility. Especially when working internationally, it can be easy to set expectations of needing things ASAP always, even when that’s not true. So I like to add “when you get on” or “for later” or “no rush on this” as much as possible to communicate the idea that teammates shouldn’t feel pressured to respond, and should take their time to respond in a way that suits them.” – Ally H. 

“I tend to mentally beat myself up. I have trouble with imposter syndrome and often brood on my “failings” for hours. On days like that I try to end my day writing down my daily successes, what I’m proud of, positive spins on negative or frustrating situations, and how I can better handle similar situations in the future.” – Dana C. 

“Taking a moment to unplug from my mobile devices. Sometimes I need a break from being connected and accessible so I can stay grounded and present in my current environment.” – Chadae B. 

Do you have any tips to help reset/recharge during the workday?

“Neck exercises in front of your desk – 5 minutes every hour are enough to relieve tension. There are so many videos on YouTube you can search for these.” – Martin T. 

“Have a laugh with your colleagues.” – Lise W. 

“Take time for yourself. Always take time for yourself. I think as humans we forget when the workload gets overwhelming. It’s okay to skip the gym and lay down on the couch and watch a movie when you’re not feeling 100%.” – Vanessa C. 

“Make time for yourself. Life gets busy, so take a walk while you attend a creative call, or better take a walk and breath some fresh air without thinking about work. Stretching is always a good idea too! ” – Vivianna A.

“Get outside, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Talking a walk (or a skate) can help you boost those endorphins and put things back into perspective.”  – Lauren K. 

“Step away. When you’re the busiest it can seem like the last thing you need is a break, but taking 15 minutes away from your computer/desk/meetings can help you reset your mind so you can be even more effective when you return.” – Liz S. 

“Accept that this might be a rough day, but tomorrow will be SO much better already.” – Rob R. 

Do you use any apps for therapy or meditation? 



Apple Fitness+


Insights Timer


Journey App 



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