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Kick Off The New Year With Our Insta-Update

Kick Off The New Year With Our Insta-Update2019 is here, and we’re already kicking it off with an Insta-update! Instagram has added a bunch of new features from music to interactive options in IG Live, so today we’ll break them all down so you can be on top of your social media game this year.

Bump Up the Jams


When using the question sticker you can now ask for responses in the form of a song from the IG music library.

Some ideas for this feature: The example IG gives us is “What song should I listen to?” but as artists I’m sure we have a lot more questions like “What song do you want to hear us perform on our next tour?” “What’s your favorite song off of ______?” “What song would you like to hear us cover?”


To find this new feature in IG Stories, swipe to the new ‘Music’ option. Here, you can look up a song to have playing in your Instagram Story. Take it a step further and choose from a selection of filters that respond to the beats and sounds of the song.

The song title and artist will appear at the top of the screen. When clicked, it will give the viewer the option to either try music in their stories, or to click through to the artist’s Instagram account.

Some ideas for this feature: Add your music in background to your stories, or if you’re working with a featured artist – co-promote each other’s music via stories. Or get really inventive by asking fans to dance to your song and tag you. Share some of your favorites to your story or even select your favorite to receive exclusive offers.


Story for DAYS…or at least 1 minute

Kick Off The New Year With Our Insta-UpdateYou can now post longer videos to stories up to 1 minute, just keep holding down the record button. You can also upload multiple photos and videos at one time, just swipe up and click the “Select Multiple” button. These 1 minute videos will be broken up into shorter 15 second stories where you can add stickers or text individually or keep as one seamless clip.

Some ideas for this feature: If you want to make an announcement, but don’t want to go Live, now you can keep talking without worrying about making each segment 15 seconds, you can also upload a longer behind-the-scenes clip, or include the full chorus of your set — the sky is the limit! As for the multiple upload button, if you have some photos or clips you want to bulk upload to story from a show night or to create a cohesive tale, now you can, go for it. Once you select your content, you can customize it with text or drawings before you post.


Question Stickers from stories are now available in Live! You can either tap on the Q&A icon, choose a question, and then go Live, or you can tap the Q&A icon at any time during your Live session. Answer the questions that come in during your session.

Some ideas for this feature: Tell fans to ask you anything! Ask them what city should come to on tour…their favorite song from the new album! Guide your conversation with a good question, and hear what your fans are interested in.

Share photos and videos from your camera roll while Live!

  • Click the gallery button to bring up your camera roll
  • Scroll left to look through your cameral and tap a photo/video to make it full-screen in the Live
  • While this content is displayed, the live screen will be minimized. Tap the Live photo or video to switch places with the content and become full-screen again

You can swap out the photo/video by selecting new content in your camera roll. And don’t worry, only you can see your camera roll as you scroll through so your aesthetic won’t be at risk.

Some ideas for this feature: Share videos or photos from tour, behind-the-scenes album creation, reveal artwork, rehearsal footage and so much more.

Kick Off The New Year With Our Insta-Update

New Sticker Alert


To use the new Countdown sticker:
First, give your countdown a name and then set your end date and time. Once you’ve posted your countdown, viewers can tap your sticker to either set a reminder, or to share the countdown on their story.

Some ideas: Think album release, tour tickets, music video release, new or exclusive merch sale … really anything major that has a date! Kick Off The New Year With Our Insta-Update

images courtesy of Instagram and The Orchard

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