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Welcome, Priscilla!

Priscilla-MaturoIntroducing Priscilla Maturo, Retail & Operations Coordinator, Brazil

Hey everyone! Glad to meet you all! My name is Priscilla. I live in Rio de Janeiro and I have a degree in Publicity and Advertising.

I worked as a marketing assistant at Deck, one of our main labels in Brazil, for two years. Before that I was an intern at Rede Globo, in the news portal of entertainment called GShow. Now I’m happy to join The Orchard as the Retail and Operations Coordinator for Brazil.

As many of you, I am in the music industry because I love music. One of my favourite bands is Arctic Monkeys — I absolutely love the last album AM. Frank Ocean, Drake and Adele never leave my playlists. Two of my guilty pleasures are the Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber. “Sorry” is amazing and very catchy — let’s be honest :)

I also love to read, watch movies and TV shows. My favourite one is Game Of Thrones. Besides that, I really enjoy riding my bike — there are lots of great places to do that in Rio!

Looking forward to working with all of you!

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