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Welcome, Milagros!

Milagros Pellet-LastraIntroducing Milagros Pellet-Lastra, Interactive Marketing & Advertising

Hello everyone, my name is Milagros Pellet-Lastra and I am very happy to be joining The Orchard family!

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, I went to University to study Advertising, focusing on Media Planning. Currently, I am enrolled in an Executive Program focused on Digital Product Management. Prior to The Orchard, I’ve worked for communication and advertising companies, such as IMS Corporate and Initiative Media, primarily as an Account Executive.

Music has always been an important part of my life and working in the industry is something I’ve always wanted to do. My first experience in the industry began when I was a part of Spotify’s Reseller Team in Argentina. I am excited to now join The Orchard team.

I’m eager to take on the challenges of my new role here in our Buenos Aires office! Since I am the first person here to take on this role I had the chance to go to The Orchard’s headquarters for training sessions with the Advertising and Interactive Marketing teams. I met amazing people and had the greatest experience.

In addition to music, I enjoy traveling, coffee (a little bit too much), going to concerts with my friends and spending time with my two dogs Frank and Pinky.

I am really excited for what’s to come and hope to meet more of you soon!

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