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Welcome, Alexey!

AlexeyZingerIntroducing Alexey Zinger, Director of Technology, Vector and Data

Hi everyone, my name is Alexey Zinger and I’m really excited to be joining The Orchard family. I come here after just a little over four years in ed-tech (Kevin Layman and I share a previous life together) and a whole bunch of stints at start-ups early on in my career. My background is mainly in web development though I’m always on the look-out for interesting software hobby projects that give me a chance to learn and play with new ideas. Oh, and I like XML :)

I was born in Russia, but spent much of my formative years here in NYC, making the most of CBGB, Coney Island High, The Knitting Factory and many more fantastic little spots. I got exposed to so much great and meaningful music — Natacha Atlas, Morphine, Philip Glass, Michael Powers — and even though I managed to never quite pick up an instrument myself, these sounds continue to carry me through life. I love cycling, pool, and racing motorbikes (did that as an amateur for about 10 years on both coasts and am staging my come-back now).

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