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Out Today by The Orchard: Didirri, DevilDriver & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Didirri, DevilDriver & MoreHi there music lovers, supporters and creators! This week as you celebrate the summer with picnics, parties, friends and sunshine, don’t forget — the music selection could make or break the atmosphere of any gathering. So get your headphones ready, turn up the volume and start listening to some great new music. Keep reading for the scoop on new releases complete with airy folk and heavy face-melting rock and legendary hip hop revival, all out today.

Based in Melbourne, this young artist uses his talent to shine with deep and relatable vulnerability. Didirri highlights every instrument of his new album Measurements with a beautiful purity that allows you to truly feel each measure. With a great live show and loyal fanbase, Didirri is inspiring widespread sing-a-longs at festivals all over the world. Didirri tells Triple J: “Each song I write tackles a different part of my own morality. I was pondering metaphorically what my scribblings were and came to the conclusion that they are my ‘measuring tape’ to hold up to the world. The yardstick to check myself with.” Let the music speak for itself and take a listen to “I Can’t Get Last Night Our Of My Head” before sprinting to hear Measurements out now via UNIFIED.

Metal cowboys DevilDriver are back in action with their new record Outlaws ‘Til The End: Vol. 1 via Napalm Records. The album is covered in star studded features and heavy metal takes on classic outlaw country tunes like “Ghost Riders in the Sky” with John Carter Cash himself. Metal regulars like Mark Morton (Lamb of God) and Wednesday 13 find themselves on the album as well. Check out “Copperhead Road” featuring Brock Lindow of 36 CRAZYFISTS below and get in the spirit of circle pits and keggers with their full album Outlaws ‘Till The End: Vol 1 out now.

Your favorite Hip Hop legend and Love & Hip Hop Miami star Trick Daddy is back in action alongside The Dunk Ryders with his latest project Dunk Ride Or Duck Down via Cleopatra Records. Known for previous heavy hits like “Let’s Go (feat. Big D & Twista)” and “I’m a Thug,” Trick Daddy took time to focus on his health after being diagnosed with lupus. Dunk Ride Or Duck Down is his first full length album since 2009, between which he shared various mixtapes and EPs such as Dick & Dynamite and U Already Know. Check out this awesome interview about Trick Daddy’s influence and background before taking a listen to the powerful new album, out today.

There you have it. Whether your feeling the thug life vibes, emotional heartbreak and tranquility or dusty desert metal, you can crack your favorite icey beverage and enjoy. See you next week!

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