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Out Today by The Orchard: Wade Bowen, Ian Bagg & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Wade Bowen, Ian Bagg & MoreWith a  rainy weekend ahead of us, we have just the right releases to accompany you under your dry and cozy blankets. Start your day with Wade Bowen’s Texas country tunes, elevate your mood in the afternoon with a dose of laughter from Ian Bagg, and top off your evening watching Along For The Ride to witness a fearless artist’s turbulent life, all Out Today!

Bowen Sounds/Thirty Tigers presents Wade Bowen’s latest record compiled of eleven of Bowen’s original tracks, personifying the album title Solid Ground. The critically acclaimed troubadour from the Texas country music scene shows his appreciation towards his hometown by developing a gritty and edgy sound through crisp drums and distorted guitars accompanied by Bowen’s silky vocals. Check out “Day of The Dead” below and take a trip to Texas here.

Ian Bagg’s Conversations offers an hour full of laughter via Comedy Dynamics. Best known for his crowd work skills, Conversations’ content is shaped mostly through audience interaction and Ian Bagg’s clever direction and ploys. Bagg interacts with a diverse crowd including a teacher, a social worker, an older couple, an intern, a church worker and many more. Check the clip below to warm up your cheeks and get the full album here whenever you are ready to laugh your face off.

A two-time Oscar nominated “Hollywood Rebel” best known for his acting in the remarkable movies “Blue Velvet” and “Easy Rider,” lived a life full of career triumphs, chaotic ups and downs, and legendary comebacks… We could talk endlessly about Dennis Hopper’s career here, but instead we’re inviting you to witness his unconventional way of living as a visionary artist. Nick Ebeling’s Along For The Ride filters Hopper’s chronology through the eyes of his longtime friend and right hand, Satya de la Manitou. Along for the Ride includes interviews from many of Hopper’s colleagues and friends as well as a score by Gemma Thompson from the well known rock band Savages. Get a taste of Along For The Ride below, and get the full documentary here.


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