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The Time Has Come For ‘Instant Love Volume 1’

The Time Has Come For ‘Instant Love Volume 1’ A year-long project, Instant Love has accumulated culturally transformative tracks song by women, to women. The project developed by Instant Record’s Allison Zatarain and Richard Gottehrer hits the nail on the head of the global gender discussion, sparking new questions about femininity and the way we listen to music. The theme resinates with listeners in a variety of ways; whether that’s supporting the LGBTQ community, women’s rights, sisterhood, motherhood, friendship, feminine positivity or gender non-conformity, the list goes on. Just like any great work of creative art, the message has infinite interpretations.

Learn more about Instant Love artists and their connection to the concept lending to the January 19th release of Instant Love Volume 1. What drove each of these incredible beings to Instant Love? Get the scoop from Allison and the many artists who gave their time and vocals to make something magical:

“The seeds for Instant Love were planted long ago when I played in the NYC band Action Painters. In around 2008 I’d warm up my vocals to the song “Dream Lover,” and always felt a little afraid to sing the line “I want a girl to call my own.” I felt those words in my heart of course, thinking of all the close friends and alluring women in my life, sort of a je ne sais quoi feeling that had never been expressed. Fast forward to late 2016 and I was singing “Oh, Pretty Woman” in the shower, and pictured Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls (who we were managing at the time) singing it, as she is utterly fearless and comfortable with her sexuality and its nuances. Then it hit me – why don’t women sing to each other?!?! That’s weird – we’re half the population. The landscape at the time was all about a new mainstream conversation about the limitations of binary words like gay and straight, masculine and feminine, male and female. So I thought – what better way to explore the beauty of love and feelings than with music.” – Allison Zatarain, GM, Instant Records

“The song ‘Colours’ brings to mind the 1960’s era of free love, and with a female singer it has a new voice. And now we’re in another era of free love, of consciousness expansion, awakening to the importance of looking out for each other and self-love!” – Erika Spring

“The human need to label everything is a very short-sided one. It goes way beyond any industry or religion. We are so hungry for definition and purpose that usually we wind up limiting our potential and the potential of others in the process of self-realization. We are all guilty of it. From what color your baby shower table cloths are to apps that tell us what painting we look with, we are so busy looking outside of ourselves that we miss the point. We are boundless energy unable to be labeled. I’ll be your man, I’ll be your woman, I’ll be yours, I’ll be there when you need me. It’s all the same.” – Holly Miranda

“I think we are going through a major shift right now where attitudes and actions that were excepted and tolerated are coming to light and won’t be tolerated anymore. I hope it sticks. Music and art is about trust. The listeners trust the artist to help them get through things and that isn’t gender specific and shouldn’t be.” – Nicole Atkins

Find additional interviews on the video series Instant Love Nest or listen to the Instant Love Podcast. The full living album will continue to grow with new tracks added regularly to the full collection here.

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