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The Orchard Volunteers With Reading Partners

The Orchard Volunteers With Reading PartnersLast month, a group of volunteers from The Orchard spent a morning with Reading Partners. Reading Partners is an organization that focuses on improving literacy rates in low-income students (defined by children that qualify for free or discounted lunch).

Studies have shown that students who are struggling with literacy at a 4th grade level will have less of the skills needed to advance in school and are four times more likely to leave school without earning a diploma. Reading Partners steps in before that point, partnering kindergarteners up to 4th grade students with an adult to help them with their reading skills in one-on-one tutoring sessions.

The OrchardThe Orchard Volunteers With Reading Partners volunteered with P.S. 188 (The Island School) in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, with ten children. These students ranged from beginner to slightly more advanced readers. Volunteers sat with them for 45 minutes reading, helping them with various skills, and ultimately having the students read back in a structured way.

Thanks to partnerships, 89% of principals in these schools saw a marked improvement in student’s reading abilities, and 94% of volunteers report a positive experience with the program.

Learn more about Reading Partners and how you can make an impact by visiting

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