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The Orchard Presents: Marie Løvås

The Orchard Presents: Marie Løvås

Marie Løvås is an artist and songwriter born at the foot of the mountain in the West-coast of Norway. Her music reflects the terrain of a pop-influenced singer-songwriter, with a hint of jazz. Last February, she released her debut album Natta ser det som ingen ser, which contains 11 original songs performed and produced by Marie and her band. 

Nearing the release of her album, Marie Løvås performed a live set in The Orchard’s Norway office. We’re pleased to share this performance full of captivating melodies and heavenly hooks as well as a brief chat with Marie, held just a few weeks later. Watch the performance and get a glimpse at that artist’s unique experience of releasing a debut album during quarantine, below.

Tell us about your experience releasing your album during the lockdown.

This is my first album ever, so I had some expectations and I was very excited, but I did not expect this! [haha] My album came out at the end of February, so that was ok, but my release concert was supposed to happen on 12 March, the same day the lockdown started. My record label called me three hours before our set time at the venue and told me that we had to cancel. We had already prepared the stage, all of our instruments were there, including my pianist’s impressive key rigg. He was so disappointed that he had to take it down. And well, I was too. At that time it felt like the right thing to do, but it was kind of anticlimactic. I really hope we can do it again soon and that the audience is still ready to see concerts again when it’s possible!

How has social distancing changed your approach to fan interaction and the promotion of your record? How does this differ from your prior efforts? 

I did some live-streams on Facebook. It was fun and weird, and a nice way to stay active for a period, but to be honest I really miss playing live. For me it’s the atmosphere that arises from connecting with the audience that is the best part about doing music; and then I also get a sense of people’s reaction to the songs and the album. Now it’s just out there living its own life without me. [haha] But when the situation is as it is, it’s actually quite nice that I can reach out in that way. That my music can be listened to even though we’ve been keeping distance. 

What is your favorite memory from writing and recording the album?

Ah, there were magic moments during the process. I especially remember a late night in the studio after a long day of recording. It was dark out and the rain was so loud against the window, and me and my band were so tired. We laid down in the control room, some of us on the floor, some of us on the sofa, and listened to the calm ballads that we had recorded earlier the same day, and we cried. [haha] It was so nice. I have saved that memory. 

If your listeners could take away anything in particular from the album, what would you want that to be?

Hm, I think I want people to see how confidence and vulnerability are balanced throughout the album, both in the lyrics and in the instruments and the production. Also, I want to put a spotlight on how we often say that “we can make it on our own” and “do it ourselves” and “take care of ourselves,” but in the end we’re all longing to belong in one way or the other. We are connected, and I think that we should focus more on that. 

Enjoy Marie Løvås’ performance below and be sure to listen to Natta ser det som ingen ser, out now.

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