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Swedish Grammis Unveil 2021 Nominations

Swedish Grammis Unveil 2021 Nominations

The Swedish Grammis Awards are the oldest music awards in Sweden. Equivalent to the GRAMMY Awards in the United States, the Swedish Grammis recognizes and honors the best of the best talent. Swedish artists who live in Sweden are eligible for these awards, as well as artists who live in other countries as long as their music is produced in Sweden and targets a Swedish audience. 

Stockholm-based musician Johanna Andrén, aka JÁNA, started writing and making music at nine years old when she began to learn classical guitar. Fueled by her musical childhood mainly surrounded by jazz and classical music, JÁNA became the first in her family to study music at college. She soon discovered her musical inspirations such as Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, and Frank Ocean. “They had a huge influence on me and I really felt like there was a door opening when I first heard them,” the 23-year-old explains. “I get inspired by all sorts of genres. I guess that’s what comes from listening to such varied music growing up,” she says. JÁNA is focused on creating impactful art through her music. While she wants each song to be a hit, she wants to create a world for the song to live in. 

RYMDEN is a trio composed of Bugge Wesseltoft, Magnus Öström, and Dan Berglund. The band is known for their melancholic and atmospheric songwriting, dramatically charged rhythms, and virtuously played jazz of the highest level. The band’s influences draw on modern jazz, Bach, film, and rock music interwoven together for a one-of-a-kind concert experience. 

Congratulations to all The Orchard’s distributed artists and labels who received a nomination for this year’s Swedish Grammis! 

Årets dansband – Dansband

Barbados Vi (Atenzia)

Casanovas Mota Olle i grind (Atenzia)

Martinez Bubbelgum (Atenzia)

Streaplers En gång till (Atenzia)

Årets barnmusik – Children’s Music

Karl-Petters Orkester Jag har blivit farbror (Blå moln musik/Dicentia)

Årets jazz – Jazz

Amanda Ginsburg I det lilla händer det mesta (Naxos)

Ellen Andersson You Should Have Told Me (Naxos)

Rymden Space Sailors (Jazzland)

Årets soul/r’n’b – soul/r’n’b

JÁNA Flowerworks (Majestic Casual)

Årets folkmusik – Folk

Garmarna Förbundet (Season of Mist)

Thommy Wahlström Låtar på sopransaxofon (Suomen Musiikkipiste Oy)

Ånon Egeland/ Mikael Marin Farvel, Farvel (Musikkoperatørene)

Årets visa singer/songwriter – SInger Songwriter

Christian Kjellvander About Love and Loving Again (Tapete Musik)

Iiris Viljanen Den lilla havsfrun (Voi Elämä!)

Outside of Sweden

Årets alternativa pop – Alternative Pop

Ane Brun After The Great storm (Distributed by The Orchard in Benelux)

Årets hårdrock/metal – Hard rock/metal

Dark Tranquillity Moment (Distributed by The Orchard in the US)

Lucifer Lucifer III (Distributed by The Orchard in the US)

Necrophobic Dawn of the damned (Distributed by The Orchard in the US)

Vampire Rex (Distributed by The Orchard in the US)

Årets album – Album

Ane Brun After The Great Storm (Distributed by The Orchard in Benelux)

Årets kompositör – Composer

Ane Brun (Distributed by The Orchard in Benelux)

Årets visa singer/songwriter – Singer/Song writer

Ane Brun How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow (Distributed by The Orchard in Benelux)

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