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ShiGGa Shay Enters the Crypto-Verse with Debut NFT Project ‘SPACEBARS’

ShiGGa Shay Enters the Crypto-Verse with Debut NFT Project ‘SPACEBARS’

Singaporean rapper ShiGGa Shay debuts his first-ever NFT project, ‘SPACEBARS’ based on his 365 EP cover designed by graphic artist EBAO. The three-card series, featuring ShiGGa as an avatar in outer space, has been brought to life in animated 3D renderings by US-based, digital creative agency Wild Portals. The collection also features an exclusive, 16-bar freestyle “SPACEBARS: PRELUDE” – produced by ShiGGa’s frequent collaborator, producer superjdoug – which collectors can unlock in its entirety by collecting cards from all three series.

Within each Series, there are 3 different levels of “rarity” to pursue: Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare. Collectors who secure cards from all 3 series (regardless of rarity) will unlock the “Legendary” card with the full 16-bars freestyle embedded. The NFT collection was made available on but sold out in 5 minutes! Buyers of this NFT collection can expect the following utilities:

  • Collection of all 3 different card Series will unlock a Legendary Card with the full 16-bars freestyle ‘SPACEBARS: PRELUDE’
  • Collectors of Rare and Ultra Rare Series will have access to exclusive, online sessions where ShiGGa Shay and his producers will play unreleased music.
  • Collectors of Ultra Rare Series will receive a video shoutout directly from ShiGGa Shay.

As an artist always searching for creative ways to connect with his community and evolve in the music space, ShiGGa welcomed the opportunity to explore NFTs. Recently, we caught up with ShiGGa and Tony Wild (Wild Portals) to learn more about the drop, how the collaboration came to be, and ShiGGa’s predictions for the future of NFTs.

How did this collaboration come about? 

ShiGGa Shay: Tony from Wild Portals first spoke to me and introduced me to NFTs in late 2020. Honestly, I slept on it for a while but only got curious and did my own research after getting to know about the power of utilities. I was just fascinated by the possibilities of how NFTs could change the entire music industry, and how it could also accelerate the growth of how music could be presented to an audience. 

Tell us about Wild Portals. How did the company get its start in NFTs?

Tony Wild: Founded in 2018, Wild Portals creates immersive mobile experiences for social media through AR lenses and digital art. Wild Portals first introduction into the crypto-art space was through an early 314-person community art project that started in January of 2021, with the goal of feeding people through NFTs created on the Etherum blockchain. Over the last 16 months, we’ve worked on blockchain activations for multiple brands and high-profile artists.

What were the most important elements that needed to be met when developing a project? 

TW: We’ve always loved the artist to artist relationships, so one of the most important elements for us was just working with another artist that we have love and respect for. Following a strong relationship, it was also important that the visual elements would be a premium offering that was paired with professional musical utility. We believe this trifecta of composition gives us a win, no matter the final results.

How excited are you for this project?

SS: I’m so excited to take my first step into the world of NFTs and the fact that this is something really different from a usual music release. It’s for the first time that my supporters can join me in real time on this journey into the world of NFTs. This is the future of music. 

What effects do you believe digital currencies and crypto-art will have on the music industry?

SS: NFTs are going to change everything about the way the world works around us. I’m just excited to be exploring the possibilities of how NFTs will change the music industry. The countless amount of opportunities it creates for artists and musicians are remarkable. 

TW: We fully believe that music will continue to evolve in the crypto/NFT space by giving artists more control and more freedom over the types of works that are produced. NFTs in musical form allow for greater functionality, attached to a musical composition and the power to monetize that composition through a variety of different pathways and timelines.

What do you hope fans will take away from this project?

SS: I hope to connect more with my community and include them along my journey through the evolution of my music in Web3. I hope that [my community] will learn what the world of NFTs could do for them as well. 

This is only the beginning of my NFT journey and I’m just really glad to be able to share it with the people who support the project. I hope that the holders of the NFT enjoy this ride with me. It’s a really interesting time for music NFTs and I can’t wait to have more potential utilities unveil themselves.

What’s next for you, ShiGGa? What can the holders of your project expect to come?

SS: I have a new EP dropping a week after the NFT drops. The main single for the EP features a special guest – certain holders of the NFT would be able to hear the song before the release. There’s a lot more music projects and events that I am currently working on that would be exclusively for my holders in the future. 

What advice do you have for artists looking to get involved in the crypto/NFT space?

SS: The space is so new and early right now, there’s still plenty of space for everyone. Do as much research yourself as you can and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We’re all here to learn. 

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