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Welcome, Rocío!

Rocío Fraga GilIntroducing Rocío Fraga Gil, Label Manager, PANLATAM

Hi everyone, I am Rocío Fraga Gil and I’m very excited to be joining The Orchard!

I will be graduating shortly from film school, here in Buenos Aires. Previously, I had different roles in various independent short films, mainly as a producer, but also within photography and editing. I am interested in lots of really diverse directors such us Hong Sang SooMatias Piñeiro and Éric Rohmer. Also, I’m very passionate about photography, develop my own film and enjoy creating zines with my photos as gifts for my friends.

My all time favorite artists are The SmithsLos Pibes Chorros and Suarez, but I also love going to concerts to see all types of local bands.

I’m really looking forward to be working with everyone!

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