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Premios Gardel Honors Leading Musicians of Argentina

Premios Gardel Honors Leading Musicians of Argentina

Hosted in Mendoza for the first time and featuring incredible artists, Premios Gardel celebrated the best in the Argentina music scene.

Prior to the awards, many nominated labels were invited to a special 30th anniversary showcase for Los Autenticos Decadentes (Pop Art). The Orchard also had the honor of hosting a lunch before the main event, uniting a few of our label partners traveling in to attend the awards. Over lunch, the group comprised of Acqua Records, Pelo Music, RGS, Montevideo Music Group, Bizarro, Los Años, Sondor, S-Music, Barca Discos and Epsa Music, buzzed about the state of the business and their expectations for the evening.

Premios Gardel Honors Leading Musicians of Argentina

This year’s Premios Gardel, stood out thanks to the leading influence of women. For the second time ever and first time in 19 years, a female artist, Marilina Bertoldi, was awarded Gardel de Oro. Also known as Album of the Year, Marilina was up against huge names in the industry such as Los Auténticos Decadentes and still climb to the top earning the award for her record Prender un Fuego. Marilina gave a wonderful speech noting the milestone for both women and new artists. The only other female to receive the award previously was the late Mercedes Sosa who was also honored with a tribute at the ceremony.

To paraphrase Marilina:

“Rock transcends the genre. Rock is saying things without being afraid. It’s talking from witihin the marginalization, from the shadows. And who’s best for that, if not the most marginalized (lesbians, trans, among others).”

Marilina Bertoldi

Find the list of award recipients partnered with The Orchard, below, and the full list of winners here.

Album del año
Marilina Bertoldi – Prender un Fuego (Pelo Music S.A.)

Mejor Álbum Artista Femenina de Folklore
Micaela Chauque – Jallalla (Sura)

Mejor Álbum Artista Femenina de Rock
Marilina Bertoldi – Prender un Fuego (Pelo Music S.A.)

Mejor Álbum Artista Femenina de Tango
Lidia Borda – Puñal de sombra (Acqua Records)

Mejor Álbum Artista Femenina Tropical
Rocío Quiroz – La Voz de los Barrios (SerTV)

Mejor Álbum Artista Masculino de Folklore
Abi González – Violeta Azul (Jeremías González)

Mejor Álbum Artista Masculino Tropical
Néstor en bloque – En el Gran Rex (Magenta Discos) 

Mejor Álbum Conceptual
Liliana Herrero – Carlos Villalba, Mariana Isla, Nahuel Carfi por el álbum “Canción Sobre Canción” (Elefante en la Habitación!)

Mejor Álbum de Música Clásica
Horacio Lavandera – Horacio Lavandera – Ludwig Van Beethoven (Virtuoso Records)

Mejor Video Clip Largo
Los Auténticos Decadentes – Fernando Emiliozzi por el video clip “Fiesta Nacional MTV Unplugged” (Popart Discos)

Mejor Álbum Artista de Cuarteto
Ulises Bueno – Ulises en Vivo Con Amigos (Segundo A S.A)

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