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Out Today by The Orchard: Skepta, Bronco & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Skepta, Bronco & More

This Friday is all about the feels – that is if you need some tunes to pump you up, mellow you out or just fuel the fire. Besides, it is the end of the work-week, so it’s time to let out all that pent up energy.

First up is the king of grime himself, Skepta, with his new release Ignorance is Bliss from Boy Better Know Records. Skepta had a hand in producing this fifth studio album as well as directing the London Underground themed music video for “Bullet from a Gun.” With the release of both “Bullet from a Gun” and “Greaze Mode,” another powerfully plot driven retro music video, Skepta is proving his rhythmic excellence. Both releases showcase the power and punch of Skepta’s lyrics that ride in sync with a heavy-bass beat. He’s always been known for telling it like it is, and that train has yet to stop. In his phonetically pounding voice he booms, “Watchin’ me, I’m not watchin’ you / I was just blazin’ on my zoot.” Give Skepta’s Ignorance is Bliss a listen to find your new boss energy song.

Don’t let the cowboy hats fool you. Bronco, the crown-jewel ballad band of Mexico, is a tight-knit group who can harmonize. With the addition of new faces in the 80’s born band, Rene Esparza assures the masses in Billboard that, “This new generation of Bronco was meant to refresh the group, but we always stay true to the musical identity that has classified us.” Their new album Por Más, from Promotodo Mexico, has all the essence of norteño with the hint of modern sound – especially on their new song, “Alguien Mejor Que Yo.” The tune pulls heart strings with the spirit of Latin tradition and modern beats. It makes you want to sway under a string of lights or join with friends for a song around a campfire. Or you can watch it all happen here.

You may know him from his days in the Black Parade, but now, My Chemical Romance’s guitarist and vocalist is fronting his own kind of marching band. Frank Iero and The Future Violents have released their Parachutes follow-up album, Barriers, through UNFD. The name of the album speaks to Iero’s triumphs following his car accident in Sydney back in 2016. Barriers is a homage to his resilience and the Great Barrier Reef down under. The first single “Young and Doomed,” captures the punk energy Iero still carries into this new chapter of his life alongside like minded musicians. The Future Violents is comprised of Evan Nestor, Dave Hause’s Kayleigh Goldsworthy, Murder By Death bassist Matt Armstrong and drummer Tucker Rule. Listen to Barriers and feel the energy pulse through your veins.

That’s all until next week when we come back with the freshest releases for the first week of June!

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