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Out Today by The Orchard: Passenger, KEN Mode & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Passenger, KEN Mode & MoreWelcome back to The Orchard’s weekly music round up, Out Today, where we walk through fresh new releases that have hit the stores from our incredible artists and label partners. This week brings a romantic full-length from a beloved UK singer-songwriter, a thrash rock album that will get you pumped and a positive message in the tune of reggae dancehall. Curious? Read on and take a listen.

Already on his 10th album in just 11 years, Passenger is back in action with Runaway via Black Crow Records. Best known for the contagious heartfelt single “Let Her Go,” Passenger has a knack for sincere and airy ballads. The sonic purity will give you chills, especially when accompanied by the artist’s smooth and textural vocals. Born Mike Rosenberg, Passenger credits the Americana flavor on this record to his time spent in the U.S., visiting his father. In response to the speed of his releases, Passenger tells The Sun, “I write wherever I am. It helps that the writing process for me is a lone-wolf mission.” Full of the signature heartbreak and acoustic folk charm, listen to Runaway now and watch the equally stunning video for “To Be Free,” below.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite genre terms has to be “sludge rock” and that’s exactly what we have for you today with KEN Mode‘s new album LovedAvailable now via off-beat rock label Season of Mist, Loved is KEN Mode’s eighth album of epic proportions. After wandering through their press photos you can tell this group, while they may sound aggressive, is nothing short of quirky. With spastic riffs that teeter on the edge of punk and hardcore, KEN Mode experiments with all varieties of sound, even throwing a saxophone into the mix for a harsh jazz cadence. Gearing up for a headlining tour in October, listen to Loved before catching KEN Mode with Birds In A Row in a city near you.

Agent Sasco, formerly credited as Assassin, has been featured on mega hits including Kendrick’s “The Blacker The Berry” and Kanye’s “I’m In It.” Beaming with positivity, Sasco’s new album Hope River is a shinning beacon of radiant dancehall reggae via Diamond Studios. As a person, Agent Sasco doesn’t stray far from his own message remaining grounded and thankful for his now 17-year career. Sasco tells Billboard, “A love of music is my inspiration, I don’t get myself mixed up in almshouse (confusion) or run down certain things. I get my fulfillment by doing music that means something to the people who get up, go out and work to feed their kids.” With incredibly catchy beats, Agent Sasco is on the forefront to promote the Jamaican reggae scene and ignite more opportunities for the genre. Dive into Hope River with his latest single “Change” and feel uplifted with “Banks Of The Hope” below.

Have a great weekend or holiday weekend for those of you based in the U.S. See you in September!

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