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Out Today by The Orchard: Taburete, J Dilla, The Weather Station

Out Today by The Orchard: Taburete, J Dilla, The Weather Station

From celebrating 20th anniversary releases and taking on climate change, check out what new releases are out today from The Orchard. 

Taburete – La Broma Infinita (Voltereta) 

Madrid-based band Taburete returns with their new album La Broma Infinita. The album follows the incredible success of their third album Madame Ayahuasca which received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Pop/Rock Album. The group, led by Guillermo Bárcenas, returns with a mix of records never seen before in Taburete’s career, with their eyes set on their origins and a production that lives up to expectations. Listen to La Broma Infinita out now via Voltereta!

Jay Dee aka J Dilla – Welcome 2 Detroit: The 20th Anniversary Edition (BBE)

Detroit-born producer James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla became one of the most innovative and important producers of our time. Jay produced beats for artists like Macy Gray, D’Angelo, N’Dea Davenport, Erykah Badu, Keith Murray, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul and so many more great artists to name. On Monday February 26, 2001, Jay Dee released his first debut album Welcome 2 Detroit under his new name J Dilla – given to him by none other than Busta Rhymes. The album became an inspiration for a whole generation of producers. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Welcome 2 Detroit, BBE Music has released a special remastered edition of the classic album, Welcome 2 Detroit: The 20th Anniversary Edition. The special edition album features a remix of “Think Twice” by Japanese DJ/producer Muro and a cover version of “Rico Suave Bossa Nova” by legendary Brazilian jazz-funk artist Azymuth. The anniversary album also features newly-discovered versions of tracks created during recordings sessions. British writer and filmmaker John Vanderpuije offers an oral history of the album’s making, as told by Amp Fiddler, Ma Dukes, and all of the album’s key musical contributors. 

The Weather Station – Ignorance (Fat Possum) 

When you want to scream into the void, express frustration, emotion, yet spark and incite change – music can be the place to go. And that is just what The Weather Station, Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman’s project, did when it came to the topic of climate change. As a child of the 80’s, she tells The New York Times, she was raised under the understanding that climate change is very much real. She adds that her generation was “born into this world that’s like, ‘Oh, by the way. The future’s going to be apocalyptic. But do your thing!’ It’s very strange.” Her song “Robber” was sparked by reading an Exxon Mobil article. “Parking Lot” was written after noticing all the birds as she was on tour, contemplating what their perspective and worldview must look like. “When I can’t fully get to the bottom of an idea, that’s when I’m most likely to make a song,” said Lindeman. And so she made Ignorance

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