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Out Today by The Orchard: Sasha Keable, Coez, Kiddo Toto

Out Today by The Orchard: Sasha Keable, Coez, Kiddo Toto

Sasha Keable – Intermission (Bad Music) 

British-Colombian star Sasha Keable presents her second release as an independent artist, Intermission, a 7-track masterclass in emotional honesty and classy songwriting. Keable has become a beloved figure in the UK music scene since her musical reboot in 2018 with “That’s The Shit” and her passionate single “Treat Me Like Yours” that followed a year later. Keable’s polished sound and angelic voice have forged her a successful career independently, with press support from the likes of British Vogue, Notion, Independent, Grazia, ELLE UK. Keable describes the inspiration behind Intermission’s pieces, stating, “This EP is a reflection on heartbreak, learning to be alone and loving myself, a topic that I’ve never touched on before but is so fitting for where my head is at right now. I’ve never been more honest and true to myself than in this music and to say the journey has been cathartic would be an understatement. This music has both broken me and healed me in so many ways and I’ll always be grateful for this Intermission in life.” This candid self-expression runs through all of Intermission’s tracks, from the EP’s jazzy, defiant focus track “Never Knew Love,” to the soul-wrenching collaborative track with international superstar Jorja Smith, “Killing Me.”  Sasha continues to describe finding strength after heartbreak, with her ballad “My Mind,” and with the EP’s penultimate anthem “Opening Arms.” Check out the music video for “Killing Me” with Jorja Smith, which visually packs classical imagery and reinforces the emotive lyrics of the single.

Coez – Volare (Carosello Records)

Italian superstar Coez makes his comeback with Volare, his first project since his 2019 album è sempre bello debuted at #1 on Italian charts. Since beginning his rap career at the age of 19, Coez has over time established himself as one of the most loved and appreciated Italian singer-songwriters in the music scene. To date, Coez boasts 8 Platinum records for La musica non c’è, 4 Platinum records for Faccio un casino, 3 for Le luci della città, 2 Platinum for E yo mamma, and 1 for Ciao. While growing as an artist, Coez has developed a certain maturity in his writing and sound, while maintaining the same themes that have characterized him from the start: struggled tones, tormented loves, and difficult situations, mirroring his generation. This work is well represented by his first solo album, “Figlio di nessuno” (2009). Coez has already given fans a glimpse of his newest project with singles “Wu-Tang”, “Flow Easy”, “Come nelle Canzoni.” Debuting at #4 on Italian top singles charts, #2 in the TikTok Italian Chart, and Top10 in the Airplay Italian chart,  “Come nelle Canzoni” quickly became a hit, boasting over 6.5M streams in just 4 weeks since the release. When Coez announced his tour to celebrate the success of Volare, 3 locations sold out within 24 hours. 


Artist and actor Kiddo Toto celebrates the release of his second studio album, MANSIÓN HELADA, a genre-blending project that centers around Toto’s relationship with love and fame. After releasing his debut album RE$FRIADO in 2019, Toto participated in the iconic BZRP Music Sessions and took the internet by storm. In the past, the legendary series has showcased collaborations between producer Bizarrap and other superstar artists such as Cieloazul, Lucho SSJ, LOUTA, Big Soto, Jesse Baez, and Malena Villaeries. Toto celebrates his BZRP Music Session quickly reaching 69M views on Youtube just in time for the release of MANSIÓN HELADA. Presented alongside the album’s tracklist is a 15-minute short film that represents the story of MANSIÓN HELADA’s music. The film also reflects one of Argentina’s most popular movies, “Nazareno Cruz y el Lobo,” which Toto credits for inspiring his album. Be sure to watch the short film below, starring Toto Ferro and one of Almodovar’s famous muses, Cecilia Roth. 

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