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Out Today by The Orchard: Northlane, ITZY & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Northlane, ITZY & More

Welcome to the first music week of August! This means the last of the summer hits are climbing the charts and Back to School commercials are popping up everywhere. To block out all that noise, tune into these new tracks:

Northlane – Alien (UNFD)

Today marks the first day of Northlane’s world domination. The Australian metalcore band has released Alien from UNFD with gripping songs such as previously dropped singles “Bloodline” and “Talking Heads.” With the release of this fifth studio album from the ARIA Award Winning quintet, comes the Alien World Tour that is sweeping the globe from the U.S. to Australia and Europe. Northlane have been recognized globally for their ability to create balanced tunes that carry heavy instrumentals with scathing vocals. Underneath those minor chords and cutting between the banging percussion, Northlane is telling the story of their struggle, triumph and everything in between. As put by Cryptic Rock: “Northlane have done it again and blow our socks right off our feet.” Listen to Alien, out now.

ITZY – IT’z ICY (JYP Entertainment)

“ITZY want to take a pair of squiggly scissors to the streamlined, elegant EDM… currently dominating the Korean milieu” says Paste. The introduction of IT’z ICY to the K-Pop roster proves this to be incredibly true. Backed by the superstar status of JYP Entertainment, ITZY bands together as a powerhouse K-Pop girl group pairing the bass and pops of EDM with sugary vocals. They are known for their early 2019 hit “DALLA DALLA,” a joyful single with a catchy melody. However, now, the girls are slowing down their pop sound for a fresh summer hit called “ICY” with sophisticated and futuristic beats. Along with the release of “ICY,” the album also brings new slow tracks like “CHERRY” and two new remixes, one being for “DALLA DALLA.” If you’re a fan of electro-kitsch or dance-pop, have a listen to the fun tunes of ITZY, a K-Pop group ready for take off.

Tess Henley – Better EP (Joy Recordings)

The best way to enjoy this release is by closing your eyes and letting the rhythm move you. Soul-slash-R&B newcomer Tess Henley is releasing her second EP Better through Joy Recordings, after a four-year hiatus following the release of Wonderland EP. The Washington native perfectly encapsulates the sounds of the 70’s twinged with softened Amy Winehouse features. In turn, Better features incredibly seductive tunes like “Better” that are dripping in soul and emotive vocals. Henley may just be starting out in the fame game, but she has already gained the support of producer Don Was and Roots affiliates Dice Raw and Khari Mateen. These blues and soul qualities shine through between the breaks of her soothing vocals, making Henley’s music a beautiful modern homage to soul of past generations. Tune in and feel Better.

That’s all from us here at The Orchard for now. Be sure to come back next week for fresh picks to discover your new favorite artist!

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