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Out Today by The Orchard: Noah Gundersen, Knocked Loose & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Noah Gundersen, Knocked Loose & More

Whether you’re bummed about summer ending or stoked for fall, there’s a new release to hit you right in the feelings. This week’s releases are all about tapping into the highs and lows of life. Get ready for the ride and take a listen.

Noah Gundersen – Lover (Cooking Vinyl Limited)

Recorded over two years in Seattle, Noah Gundersen’s new album LOVER, transcends intimacy and peers into the darkest, yet softest, corners of the artist’s mind. Gundersen describes the record as “deeply personal… I think it’s the most I’ve ever put of myself into something. It’s been cathartic. I’ve cried a lot.” This dark and dreamlike record is drawn from an intense creative approach and experiments in rhythmic beats and natural instrumentation. The next time you want to really feel something, we suggest tuning into LOVER. Get a first feel with his video for “Robin Williams.”

Knocked Loose – A Different Shade of Blue (Pure Noise)

For their sophomore album, Kentucky-based Knocked Loose knew they had to take their time creating lyrics and drawing up the perfect riffs. Thus came the architecturally hardcore album A Different Shade of Blue. Hardcore listeners are in for a fanfare when Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die contributes lyrics and vocals on “Forget Your Name” and Emma Boster from Dying Wish joins on “A Serprent’s Touch.” It’s Bryan Garris’ magnetic voice though that echoes through the album’s most electric and sombering songs, with AP describing it as, “adding new levels of sonic intensity, almost like a fifth instrument.”

EVERGLOW – HUSH (Genie Music)

South Korean girl group EVERGLOW is making the last splash on our summer playlists. We’re soaking up their new EP HUSH while the sunshine is still upon us. Luckily, their captivating energy and contagious lyrics will have us dancing all year round. HUSH was led with the release of the group’s single “Adios” – a track Billboard calls, “full of charismatic verses and a fierce, brassy dance break that leads into the chanting choral refrain of ‘goodbye, au revoir, adios!’” If it’s any indication of the girl power that’s about to come with their EP, we highly suggest gathering your gang together and shaking it to HUSH.

Adios!” and we’ll be back next week with what’s #OutToday.

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