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Out Today by The Orchard: Lyanno, Kalie Shorr, $uicideboy$

Out Today by The Orchard: Lyanno, Kalie Shorr, $uicideboy$

Happy New Music Friday! This week, don’t miss new releases from Puerto Rican R&B legend Lyanno, pop-funk singer-songwriter Kalie Shorr, and New Orleans rap duo $uicideboy$.

Lyanno – Pa’ La Calle (EP) (Rimas)

Puerto Rican artist Lyanno showcases both his R&B and Reggaeton roots on his newest EP, Pa’ La Calle. With his velvety melodies, Lyanno brings his own distinctive style to Reggeaton, a genre that has influenced artists such as Trey Songz, Bryson Tiller, and The Weekend. Lyanno has become one of the biggest names in the new Latin R&B scene, delivering chart-topping hits through solo projects and collaborations with artists such as Piso 21, Lenny Taverez, and María Becerra amongst others. His singles have earned several accolades like 2X RIAA Certification with “En Tu Cuerpo,” chart presence in more than five countries, and become a global trend on YouTube. Amongst his other accomplishments, Lyanno also opened for J Balvin on his Arcoíris tour in the U.S and Medellín, achieved more than 400M views on his official videos, and amassed more than 4M monthly listeners on Spotify. Be sure to stream Lyanno’s newest six-track EP, and watch the video for “Estamos Arriba” below. 

Kalie Shorr – I Got Here by Accident (tmwrk records)

If you are a fan of Kacey Musgraves or Sturgill Simpson, you don’t want to miss Pop-punk singer-songwriter Kalie Shorr’s newest EP, I Got Here by Accident. Shorr has been pushing the boundaries with her music since the 2016 release of her debut single, “Fight Like a Girl.” Her bold lyricism steps outside of the traditional country template and has quickly gained attention from top music reviewers such as The New York Times and Rolling Stone. Shorr wrote her newest EP, I Got Here By Accident, as an autobiographical recount of life in her mid-20s, exploring everything from friendship to love and to loss. Schorr brings her own personal touch to the EP’s creative branding, designing the artwork for “Amy” herself and collaborating with a dedicated fan to craft the album’s social graphics. The EP’s lead single, “Alibi,” describes an unconditional love for a distant friend. She notes that “Alibi” is one of her favorites on I Got Here By Accident: “I love how it’s this sweet notion of unconditional love over these big rock chords with dark lyrics. I also love any song that covers strong emotions that aren’t about a romantic relationship.” 

$uicideboy$ – Long Term Effects of SUFFERING (G59) 

The rap duo $uicideboy$ presents their sophomore album Long Term Effects of SUFFERING. After growing up together in New Orleans, cousins Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth joined forces in 2014 to form $uicideboy$. The group’s debut album, I Want to Die in New Orleans, showcased their distinctive, dark, and horrorcore sound and quickly became a top-ten album on the U.S. Billboard 200. After collaborating with legendary artist Travis Barker on their 2019 EP, $uicideboy$ released a 12-track album titled Stop Staring at the Shadows that garnered over 150 million streams within the first week. The group’s newest self-produced album, Long Term Effects of SUFFERING, will feature their first music videos in two years. This release will coincide with the return of the Grey Day Tour, which they will be headlining both in North America and Europe. The album’s tracklist pulls back the curtain on topics such as adduction and self-medication, powerfully conveying the message of salvation. Watch the music video for $uicideboy$’s “NEW PROFILE PIC” below.

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