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Out Today by The Orchard: DAY6, Walk Off The Earth & More

Out Today by The Orchard: DAY6, Walk Off The Earth & More

K-pop rock boy bands, love ballads, and everything in between. That’s exactly what we’ve got for you this week. This week’s releases will get you moving, singing along, or most likely…both. Take a listen to the artists we’ve got lined up for you.

DAY6- The Book Of Us: Entropy (JYP Entertainment)

DAY6 is here with a slight twist: bright pop with a touch of rock. South Korean boy band made up of Sungjin (vocalist/guitarist), Jae (guitarist/vocalist), Young K (bassist/vocalist), Wonpil (keyboardist/vocalist) and Dowoon (drummer) released their second album, The Book of Us: Entropy. When it comes to this new album, the band wants to express the feeling of love and how it can completely shake the world upside down and cause chaos — also known as entropy. Beyond that, DAY6 wanted to show the many layers of love. Track 1 to Track 6 on the album reveal love’s “deepening phase” and Track 7 to Track 11 shows the “cooling phase.”

The Book of Us: Entropy includes the catchy and rock pop song, “Sweet Chaos,” along with “Deep In Love.” Join the love and dive into DAY6’s The Book Of Us: Entropy out today. 

Sarah Klang- Creamy Blue (Pangur Records)

In February, Sarah Klang earned her first Swedish Grammy for “Best Alternative Pop.” Her debut was deemed on Swedish National TV “the best debut album ever heard.” While she’s called herself the “saddest girl in Sweden,” Sarah has continued to grow as an artist — quite evident with the release of her new album, Creamy Blue — which illustrates love, loss, and heartbreak. Following 2018’s debut album Love in the Milky Way, Sarah has been taking off ever since. The love ballads feature a sprinkle of upbeat feel-good which define Creamy Blue as distinct. Songs like “Secret Life” give us a sense of nostalgia. Be sure to catch Sarah on tour now all throughout Europe.

Grab the tissues and take a listen to Klang’s tear jerking masterpiece here

Walk Off The Earth – Here We Go! (Golden Carrot Records)

Alright, Here We Go! You might know Walk Off The Earth as the group that covers some of the biggest hits on YouTube. After receiving over 180 million views on their “5 peeps 1 guitar” interpretation of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” back in 2012, the band took off. Now let’s say hello and Here We Go! to their most recent release. In 2018, the band unfortunately lost one of their core members, Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor. Following the tragedy, the band continued to move forward with their original music, but never forgot about their dear friend and band member. Here We Go! includes a heart-wrenching melodic song titled, “Mike’s Song.” Although this song is uplifting, the lyrics include somber notes of heartbreak, “Hey, I know you’ll always be with me, but I can’t shake the heartache,” in remembrance of Mike Taylor.

Entertainment Weekly, described other songs such as “I’ll Be There” as “exceptional,” and “uplifting dance bops.” 

If you need to smile, cry, or if you just need to  dance around your room while no one’s watching, this album is perfect for that. Take a listen to Here We Go! now.

As always, check back next week for a brand new Out Today post by your source for all new music releases, The Daily Rind, and follow us on Instagram.

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