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Out Today by The Orchard: Björk, dodie, EZVIT 810

Out Today by The Orchard: Björk, dodie, EZVIT 810

Start your weekend off right with brand new releases distributed by The Orchard, featuring Björk, dodie, and EZVIT 810.

Björk – Fossora (One Little Independent)

The 10th album by experimental pop Icelandic artist Björk is out now. This new venture is titled Fossora, the feminine of ‘fossore,’ meaning “she who digs (into the ground).” This project has allowed the songwriter and producer to continue exploring her eclectic and notable audio visual ideas that leave listeners entranced. The remarkable attention that she has been able to grasp throughout her career has led to working with big names such as Nellee Hooper, Tricky, and Underworld. Her song “ancestress” is in tribute to her late mother, environmental activist Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir, who passed away in 2018. This however, “is not a grief album,” says the artist. Fossora has themes of survival, death, ecological meditation, and is inspired by navigating mother-daughter relationships.

dodie – Hot Mess (doddleoddle)

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter, dodie, debuts her new EP, Hot Mess. Since the start of the artist’s career, she has had an immense talent for capturing her audience with her lyrics and orchestral sounds. The first release from the EP, “Got Weird,” is a real token for what this era represents for the artist – capturing listeners with honest lyrics about the tug of war that is to want or not want love and attention from potential partners. dodie has amassed over 2M monthly listeners on Spotify, and with this new venture is sure to continue growing her audience. “Hot Mess is exactly that – a steaming, conflicting pile of raw ideas and feelings; heavy confessions, manic patches matched with seemingly stable moments of realisation and acceptance, painted with flickers of dissociated spiraling. I am lost! I am confused but trying, and I accept myself and hate myself simultaneously while doing so,” says dodie.

EZVIT 810 – Duele Pero Cura (Blanco y Negro)

The much anticipated debut album by up and coming artist EZVIT 810 is available now. Within the first 6 months of his musical career, he was included in the top 1 viral charts of Spain on Spotify with “No Me Renta.” Following this release, the artist has been selling out most of his shows and has been headlining the most notable urban festivals this summer, including Arenal Sound. On Duele Pero Cura, songs like “Ron Añejo” and “Viernes Noche” detail his trials and tribulations in love and heartbreak. This is only the beginning of a promising musical career for EZVIT 810.  

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