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Out Today by The Orchard: Ani DiFranco, Laxcity, Colde

Out Today by The Orchard: Ani DiFranco,  Laxcity, Colde

Kick-off your weekend with new music from American singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, Zambia-born, UK-based artist Laxcity, and South Korean superstar Colde.

Ani DiFranco – Revolutionary Love (Righteous Babe Records)

American singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco has released over twenty albums across her musical career, and her newest album Revolutionary Love (Righteous Babe Records) might be her most political one yet. Revolutionary Love gives voice to deep frustration and tension, both on a personal and societal level. “My songs have always reflected an acute connection between my personal life and the life of my society,” says the musician and activist. “As I started to come out of years of dealing with marriage problems, I saw my entire country in the same situation; the complete breakdown of communication and loss of empathy and connection. But after what seems like unforgivable damage, then where do you go? You can’t kick each other off the planet, you can’t change the past, so what then?” So she did what she does best: wrote about it. Listen to Revolutionary Love out now via Righteous Babe Records. 

Laxcity-  Disconnect (ALT:Vision Records)

In his new EP Disconnect, Zambia-born, UK-based artist Laxcity “disconnects” from perfectionism and lays out what he feels in the music. “As an artist, I’ve always felt like the more I grow, the higher the expectations get for the music I release,” says Laxcity. “As a result, I fell into this creative rut, making the same music over and over again.” After taking a step back from the chaos of overthinking, Disconnect was created. An in-demand producer, Laxcity has released official remixes for Alina Baraz, NOTD & Daya, San Holo, Medasin, Instupendo, and others. He has toured in support of Robotaki, played virtual concerts alongside the likes of Tiësto, and has had a sample from his acclaimed Splice sample pack featured on the latest Justin Bieber album. Take a moment to disconnect yourself by listening to Laxcity’s new EP, out now via ALT:Vision Records. 

Colde – idealism (WAVY)

Seoul-based musician Colde started off his musical career as one-half of the duo OFFONOFF. The duo was one of the first Kpop acts to introduce the Chill-out genre to Kpop, bringing an entirely new perspective to the global genre and community. As a solo performer, Colde presents his new mini-album idealism. Differing from OFFONOFF’s laid-back style, Colde’s solo work finds him exploring influences from R&B and Hip-hop. Listen to the new seven-track mini-album idealism from Colde out now.

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