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Meet Voodoo Music, The Barcelona Record Label Dedicated To Empowering Afro-Spanish Artists.

Meet Voodoo Music, The Barcelona Record Label Dedicated To Empowering Afro-Spanish Artists.

Voodoo Music is a Barcelona-based record label whose mission is dedicated to fostering, producing, and empowering emerging Afro-Spanish artists. The Voodoo brand is already well-known within the creative and entertainment space in Spain and beyond. The Voodoo Children’s Club is “a creative agency born to create new contemporary representations of African communities around the world.” In Barcelona, there is the nightclub Voodoo Club, a “contemporary African rave experience in the heart of Barcelona” that can often be found spinning Afrofunk, Disco, Afrobeat, and Afrohouse. 

We spoke with the label founder Wekaforé on how Voodoo Music got its start, their mission behind their label, and a few artists on their roster you should be looking out for. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, what’s your background with music, and what is your role at Voodoo Music? 

I’m from Lagos, Nigeria. My earliest contact with music was in the church, naturally for most religious Nigerian kids. I am the Creative Director at Voodoo Music, just trying to help hold an artistic standard with everything we do.

Wekaforé, you have an impressive list of ongoing creative projects: fashion designer, musician, nightclub entrepreneur. What made you decide that starting a record label would be your next big move? 

It wasn’t a difficult decision to make, to be honest. Music is embedded in my subconscious. It’s present in the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I see myself. The music label puts a little order to that madness.

Voodoo Music defines itself as the first music label dedicated to fostering, producing, and empowering emerging Afro-Spanish artists. Why is this mission important to you? 

It is important to me because I love to see, hear, experience, and share diversity. In Spain there’s a lack of diversity, so I’m trying to ignite a little more.

What do you hope the cultural impact of Voodoo Music will be?

Nationally, I hope it will become the blueprint for an España en color. And internationally, I want it to stand as an example of multi-cultural creativity.

Tell us about some of the artists on your roster. Who are a couple artists we should watch? 

Oseka’s coming out strong, he’s impressed me a lot. Deezy and Revés de Saint Louis are ready to go also.

What are some early accomplishments you’ve seen from artists at Voodoo Music? 

Recently I have been impressed by their focus at the studio. I think this is an important accomplishment as a new artist – being precise and definitive in the creation process.

What do you look for when bringing artists onto your roster?


How many people make up your team at Voodoo Music? What do you look for when building out that team? 

We are currently a team of six, from administration to production and management. I’m looking for confident craziness, and people who are defiant and have a point to prove.

Where should we go for more updates from Voodoo Music?

Follow us on social media @thevoodooclub, @spiritdisco, @osekajibril. a

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