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Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Every year The Orchard partakes in panels, events, meetings and showcases at SXSW. The group strategically divides and conquers seeing as many great acts and partners as they can across Austin. If you attended it’s very likely there was someone from The Orchard in the crowd beside you.

We’ve taken to optimizing our time in Austin by hosting an annual Happy Hour at Pelóns Tex-Mex/508 Bar Mezcalerita. This year, we enlisted the musical expertise of Ayelle, Das Body and Transgressive Sound System as our DJs to set the tone for the only event of the week that unifies our attendees under one… tree.  Conveniently located across the street from Stubb’s, the venue is well known for its outdoor deck space and beautiful natural shade. A central meeting location, labels, partners and artists were able to stop by for refreshments from Pelóns Tex-Mex and Vita Coco to power them… at least until the next food truck. If you attended, you may even catch a glimpse of yourself in our Facebook album.

To reminisce on this year’s experience, we asked our attendees a few questions. See their answers below, and keep an ear out for these memorable acts. Don’t forget to jot down ways maximize your musical intake through the use of alternative transportation.

Scott “Bullethead” Reilly | SVP, Content Acquisitions

Favorite Act: Calliope Music
Coolest Venue: Continental Club
I’ll never forget the time… I saw all 14 acts that played on the Continental Club on Saturday beginning at 10am and ending at 2am.
Preferred Method of Transportation: Roller Skates

Kevin Rankin | Director, Artist Services

Favorite Act: Ezra Collective
Coolest Venue: Pelons / Cheer Up Charlies / Stubbs
I’ll never forget the time… I was able to live my life to the fullest without having to walk anywhere (see below)
Preferred Method of Transportation: Again, See below

Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Tim Vargas | Group Product Manager

Favorite Act: Death By Unga Bunga and Husky Loops
Coolest Venue: 720 Club
I’ll never forget the time… I watched a band sit on the floor while playing a guitar and rainstick in front of a video of car crashes in a forest
Preferred Method of Transportation: scooter, obvs

Mathew Reiffe | SVP, Glogal Sales & Marketing

Favorite Act: 47Soul or Lucy Spraggan
Coolest Venue: Pelons for The Orchard party!
I’ll never forget the time… Chris Duncan tried to not be noticed riding by on a bike on Red River
Preferred Method of Transportation: NOT a scooter

Liz Snair | VP, Label Management

Favorite Act: While there wasn’t a ton of METAL this year, I did get to sneak out to the Lost Well and catch the mighty Weedeater and Goatwhore both of whom happened to be in Austin! Nonconnah left quite an impression as well!
Coolest Venue: Waterloo is always the coolest! Thanks for hosting Patty Griffin, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Death by Unga Bunga and Liily!
I’ll never forget the time…. Crunchy Frog took over Franklin’s BBQ and treated their guests to some killer rock from PowerSolo with a side of Franklin’s famous melt-in-your-mouth brisket!
Preferred Method of Transportation: Scooter, unless I’m trying to follow Chris Calabrese as he weaves through buses!

Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Zac Mantell | Senior Director, Label Management

Favorite Act: Das Body (Luminelle/House Arrest) and Cedric Burnside (Single Lock Records)
Coolest Venue: Arlyn Studios
I’ll never forget the time… I ran into a what I thought was a biker gang, but it was just our entire UK team on bright orange scooters.
Preferred Method of Transportation: Scooter. As often as possible.

Chris Calabrese | Manager, Brand Marketing & Communications

Favorite Act: Orchards
Coolest Venue: Cheer Up Charlie’s
I’ll never forget the time… I ate BBQ with Akira Records founder Stevie McMinn
Preferred Method of Transportation: Walking!

Jacob Fowler | SVP, Engineering & Product

Favorite Act: Death by Unga Bunga
Coolest Venue: Elysium
I’ll never forget the time… We ate way too much Franklin’s BBQ and all went into comas
Preferred Method of Transportation: Is there any mode other than scooting?

Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Ian Dutt | Managing Director

Favorite Act: 47 Souls or Ezra Collective
Coolest Venue: Ours – Pelons !
I’ll never forget the time… Helen Marquis from Youtube reminded me of my Oasis DJ Set from 20 years ago.
Preferred Method of Transportation: Scooter

James Moodie | Director, Artist Marketing

Favorite Act: Husky Loops
Coolest Venue: Pelons & Swan Dive
I’ll never forget the time… Ian Dutt fell off a scooter
Preferred Method of Transportation: Said uber scooter

Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Paul Hanly | Director, Artist Services & GM, Frenchkiss Records

Favorite Act: Calliope Musicals
Coolest Venue: Cheer Up Charlies outside
I’ll never forget the time… I went to the Crunchy Frog party @ Franklin BBQ
Preferred Method of Transportation: electric bike!

Blake Rayner | General Manager, Australia & New Zealand

Favorite Act: Ezra Collective
Coolest Venue: The Mohawk (coolest venue) or Seven Grand (coolest whiskey collection)
I’ll never forget the time… We had a short 4pm dancefloor on the outside deck of Pelon’s Tex Mex during The Orchard’s Happy Hour with our COO, Colleen Theis. The Orchard throws a great party.
Preferred Method of Transportation: This year I rented a scooter for any trips over a half mile. That saved me 15 walking miles. Probably not advisable after a few margaritas though.

Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Samantha Moore | Director, Analytics Services

Favorite Act: ISLAND
Coolest Venue: Cheer Up Charlie’s
I’ll never forget the time… I went to The Castle.
Preferred Method of Transportation: Walking. Scooters are death traps.

Chris Duncan | Senior Manager, International Artist Services

Favorite Act: Death by Unga Bunga – who also happen to be fronted by our Norwegian retail marketing manager Sebastian Olsen!
Coolest Venue: Cheer Up Charlie’s
I’ll never forget the time…. when Blake became the goat whisperer
Preferred Method of Transportation: JUMP bikes. They’re like the scooters, only you don’t die.

Late Nights and Great Music: The Orchard at SXSW

Lauren Kasper | Director, Nashville Label Management

Your Favorite Act: Cedric Burnside
Coolest Venue: The Chapel & Willie Nelson’s Ranch for Luck Reunion
I’ll never forget the time…I kept Blake hydrated with Margs while he was trapped outside the Vevo house behind bars.
Preferred Method of Transportation:These redwing boots are made for walkin’ even if your feet hurt the entire time.

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