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How To Integrate Your Music Into The Facebook Platform

How To Integrate Your Music Into The Facebook Platform

With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. That’s an increase of 12% year-over-year from September 2019. Facebook reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population, marking the importance of including Facebook in your marketing strategy. 

Facebook has undergone a series of changes this year. Its parent company has changed its name from Facebook to Meta, and the platform has launched several new features including Reels for Facebook, Live Audio Rooms/Podcasts, PMV (Premium Music Video), User Playlists, PMV 30-second clips, and new features for Messenger.

Let’s dive into the latest features on the platform and how you can utilize Facebook for reaching fans.

How To Integrate Your Music Into The Platform

First things first, let’s talk about integrating your music onto the platform. There are several best practices you can follow to grow your followers on the Facebook platform. Keeping an authentic voice, being consistent with your posts, and engaging with your fans in your comments is a great way to start. Getting creative with your content is also key. 

How To Integrate Your Music Into The Facebook Platform

There are also a handful of best practices when it comes to integrating your music with the platform. Be sure to follow this checklist for the best results: 

  • Add a buy link to the cover banner
  • Verify your page 
  • Add buy link to profile image
  • Update the banner to reflect your new album artwork
  • Use a pinned post to show off your newest project
  • Utilize Facebook Live & Video
  • Featured photos and video set
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Reply’ to a few comments on each post
  • Tag pages when applicable, such as venues and press.

Facebook Features

Live Audio Room & Podcasts

To stay competitive with the market, Facebook has launched Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts. Facebook recently launched Live Audio Rooms in the U.S. on iOS, starting with public figures and select Facebook Groups. It also debuted an initial set of U.S. podcast partners. Both products will receive a wider rollout in the future, but this is certainly an opportunity for creators to keep an eye on to get in at the ground level when it becomes available. For now, all Facebook users in the U.S. are  able to listen to Live Audio Rooms and podcasts. 

Facebook Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a suite of tools designed to help you effectively post, manage and analyze all your video content across your Facebook Pages (this tool can also be used for your Instagram Accounts). Through Creator Studio you can upload, create, schedule, manage, and post content; study video insights; utilize monetization; streamline engagement; and use rights manager.

Video Playlists and Series 

Use playlists to create a collection of videos that share a theme/topic (i.e. from the same album, tour, behind-the-scenes, etc.). Use series to form a collection of episodic videos (i.e. a Cooking show).

Why should you use video playlists and series?

  • Increase Content Discover
  • Lean-back viewing
  • Search Traffic
  • Easy Shareability
  • Streamline your online presence 

How to create a video playlist or series: 

  1. Go to Creator Studio and select Content Library
  2. Select Playlists
  3. Select ‘New Playlist’ 
  4. Follow the prompts to add your title descriptions and cover image. 
  5. Click +Add Videos From Libary ti select the videos from your content library you want included in the playlist
  6. Publish Playlist

Premium Music Video (PMV) New Features

User Playlists

Users can now create playlists of videos (including PMVs and other video types) on iOS and Android. Users can also add videos they come across  in Feed, Watch Feed, or an artist Page to a new or existing playlist using the 3-dot menu. Playlists can be private, public, or shared with only the user’s friends. Users can share their playlists on their own timeline as a post that will show up in the Feed based on their privacy setting. This feature enables fans to build community around PMVs and video content on Facebook by allowing them to create and share their own playlists. 

While PMVs are launched in the US, Mexico, TH and IN markets, global 30-second PMVs ensures that creators can engage users from outside these launch markets as well. Users outside of licensed PMV countries will have access to 30-second clips of PMVs, with the goal of improving the PMV experience and reach for labels, artists and fans. Keep in mind these features are still in Beta, but will be rolling out more widely in the near future. 

Facebook Reels

Facebook has brought Reels to its platform and, just like Instagram, you can include music/audio and special effects. Set to public by default (for people over 18), Reels have the potential to reach a wider audience on the platform through discovery in the Feed and groups. Facebook is also testing the option for creators and businesses to share their Reels from Instagram to Facebook. Advertisers will also soon be able to place full-screen ads between Facebook Reels.

How To Integrate Your Music Into The Facebook Platform

New Insights Page

Insights in Facebook Business Suite helps you understand the results of your organic and paid social media efforts across Facebook and Instagram. With Insights, you can see metrics, trends, and visual reports that help understand which Facebook Page and Instagram strategies work well and where to make improvements. You can then optimize the way you spend your time and resources.

New Messenger Room Features

Poll Games

 Just like Facebook Story Polls, Messenger lets you survey your fans participating by posting “Most Likely To” polls to chats. 

Cash Gifting via Facebook Pay (available in the U.S. only)

Chat participants can send cash gifts through Facebook Pay that will come with Messenger notifications featuring themed effects. For example, birthday wishes with virtual balloons.

Sticker Pack

A curated “Messenger is 10!” sticker collection is now available to Messenger participants. The pack includes 360 backgrounds, AR effects, birthday-themed Soundmojis, and more.

Sharing Contacts

Easily share Facebook profiles on Messenger with this new feature.

Word Effects

Currently in Beta, Word Effects allows users to pair words or phrases with emojis. Whenever the user types these words, the chosen emoji will fill the Messenger chat screen. What words will you choose?

How To Integrate Your Music Into The Facebook Platform

As you can see, Facebook and Instagram are becoming even more integrated as the years pass, and Facebook is continuing to launch new tools to remain competitive with other social networking platforms. 

For more details on the 2022 Facebook Best Practices, check out the presentation below.

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