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Greek Artists Hawk and Light Break Spotify Record With Their Single “Voodoo”

Greek Artists Hawk and Light Break Spotify Record With Their Single “Voodoo”

Greek rappers Hawk (Above The Hood / Stay Independent) and Light (Capital Music / Panik Records) have positioned themselves as two of the most successful artists in the Greek trap scene. Their lead single “Voodoo” and album Supernova are topping charts in Greece and internationally. 

“Voodoo” was released exclusively on Spotify for three days on December 18 and broke the record on Spotify for receiving the most streams of a Greek track on its release date ever, with more than 600k streams. With over 5 million views and counting, the official “Voodoo” music video currently sits at #1 on the Greek YouTube Trending chart. Hawk and Light’s collaborative album Supernova, released December 25th, has gained massive traction in Greece, with all nine album tracks appearing on the Spotify Greece Top 50 and IFPI charts. Supernova even made it onto the global stage by landing at #3 on the Spotify Global Top Debut Albums chart

Hawk and Light’s goal for Supernova was to leave their mark on the music industry. And with the numbers and reaction the two artists are seeing, they are well on their way. Supernova is a fresh take on international Hip-Hop trends, featuring heavy bass, intricate beats, and melodic phrasing. The lyrics give listeners insight into how and why they got to where they are today. But this is only the beginning. 

Listen to Supernova out now via Stay Independent & Capital Music.

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