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“Fiel” Named Highest Certified Latin Single in RIAA 2021 Mid-Year Report

“Fiel” Named Highest Certified Latin Single in RIAA 2021 Mid-Year Report

According to the official RIAA 2021 Mid-Year report, “Fiel” (La Base Music Group / WK Records) by Los Legendarios, Wisin, and Jhay Cortez was named the highest certified Latin track of the year so far at 7X multi-Platinum! Since its release on February 4, “Fiel” has gained nearly 400 million streams globally, while the remix released in June, which also features Myke Towers and Anuel AA, has amassed nearly 50 million global streams. 

Translated to “faithful,” “Fiel” is about having a crush on an independent woman. The track came to fruition when Puerto Rican singer and writer Jhay Cortez connected with Reggaeton duo Los Legendarios with the concept of “Fiel,” and upon first listening to Jhay, the team knew it would be a hit. 

In classic 2021 fashion, “Fiel” took on a life of its own after going viral on TikTok. The sound currently has over 2.1 million videos on the platform, many of which are in the form of a dance challenge. When asked about their reaction to “Fiel” going viral, Los Legendarios said “it was like a snowball – every day it kept growing.” 

In the current era of virality and “TikTok hits,” the lifetime of a track can seem short-lived. While “Fiel” organically blew up on TikTok, Los Legendarios tells Billboard that they’re intention with “Fiel” was to create a classic Reggaeton hit. “We are at a time in music when the fans demand more and more tracks. We don’t think it should be that way. We are giving ‘Fiel’ space for that reason… because we want it to become a classic.”

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