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Case Study: Myrkur “M”



Myrkur is the Black Metal project from Danish artist Amalie Bruun. In the past, Bruun released music under a handful of pseudonyms and Myrkur was the least well-known of all of her artistic projects, so we set out to ensure the release of her latest album, M [Relapse Records], would draw attention to this creative outlet in particular. We aimed to build a strong digital presence for her on all social media platforms, help her communicate with her most passionate fans, and create a steady stream of content for her to share throughout the campaign. 


One of the first things we did for Myrkur’s album campaign was create an Instagram contest. Myrkur’s fans are extremely creative, so this was the perfect opportunity to have them showcase their talents. The premise: create cover art for the single “Onde Børn” and upload it to Instagram, tagging it #MyrkurArt. The winner saw their art featured as the single cover on Spotify and won an autographed poster, vinyl and t-shirt. Two runners-up also received the poster, vinyl and t-shirt, and had their artwork featured on Myrkur’s website.

Our college marketing team played a huge role in the success of M as well. In cities like Portland, Denver, New York, Chicago and Minneapolis, representatives hung up album posters around their schools, libraries, coffee shops, venues and bookstores. They also promoted the singles on their personal Instagram and Twitter accounts and shared links to the songs with their college radio stations, some of which picked up the tracks and played them on-air.

In addition to the Instagram contest and our college marketing efforts, we filmed some exclusive footage of Myrkur giving track-by-track commentary of her album, which premiered on Metal Hammer. The videos rolled out over the course of three days to keep the momentum going just before the album was released.


  • M debuted at #11 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart, #39 on the Independent chart
  • Facebook likes grew by 70% and Spotify followers grew by 193%
  • Instagram engagement drastically increased by 267% thanks to the #MyrkurArt contest
  • Average Social Growth went up by 137%
  • Great reviews from the likes of Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound


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