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Blackout Tuesday: Now What?

Blackout Tuesday: Now What?

The Orchard stands committed to the safety and well-being of our Black employees, artists, labels, partners, fans, families, and friends. We firmly acknowledge we have a responsibility to speak up, bear witness, and be proactive.

As a platform and voice within the music industry, The Orchard recognizes the immense influence Black culture has on music. We have a commitment to amplify Black voices.

Tuesday, June 2 was called Blackout Tuesday, a day where business was not conducted as usual. The Orchard focused on discussing effective change, reconnecting with our community, and mobilizing together to transform our words into action. Tuesday was not a day to mute what is, and has been, happening to our Black community. It was not a day to log off. It was not a day off. Black employees of The Orchard led an honest dialogue about recent events as part of ongoing injustice and expressed personal experiences and feedback. As part of our roadmap for change, The Orchard is taking immediate action as follows:

  • The Orchard, as a division of Sony Music, will take part in a $100 million fund to support social justice and anti-racist initiatives around the world.
  • Sony Music will also be matching donations by The Orchard and Sony Music employees.
  • The Orchard is immediately initiating a Council for Inclusion and Racial Equality to incubate ideas and create an actionable roadmap to address racial equality both within the company and within society.
  • The Orchard is expanding mental health and wellness support for staff.

But this is only the start.

The beginning of June marks the start of Black Music Month, an annual celebration created by Jimmy Carter on June 7, 1979. The month is a time to show appreciation for the musical influences of Black musicians, composers, and songwriters. We remind ourselves of those who dynamically have shaped and influenced the music industry, and everything that touches it — culture, art, fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond. Without their influence, the music industry would not be where it is today. We remember the Black artists who are no longer with us, and we acknowledge the Black artists, creatives, leaders of today who continue to push boundaries, changing the way people listen, the way people think about, and engage with and experience music. We acknowledge our Black employees, who dedicate their being to creating a stronger music industry and world, supporting and working with a multitude of artists and labels to get their music out to fans globally.

Today–and everyday–we say, we see you, we hear you. We stand with you. 

We will begin by sharing what the music industry can do today to take action.


Local and national organizations below and here need support to continue to mobilize and create a stronger future. 

Black Lives Matter

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund 

National Bail Fund Network 

Black Visions Collective

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Official George Floyd GoFundMe

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has received a number of donations in recent days and urges those who would like to donate to consider these organizations instead.

Support the continued work of the National Museum of African American Music, so they can continue to share for generations to come the multitude of ways Black artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, and more, have shaped American music. Support The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture so the institute can continue to tell the nation’s story. 

For The Orchard and Sony Music employees, Sony Music will match your donation here.


Learn about important petitions through Color of Change. Color of Change “designs campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.”


Text “JUSTICE” To 668366

Text “FLOYD” To 55156

Text “ENOUGH” To 55156


Call your lawmakers to make your voice heard and demand justice against police brutality. Learn here how to contact your local, state, and federal elected officials. 


Volunteer with Rock the Vote and emphasize to your friends and community the importance of using your voting rights. Register to vote and actively learn about candidates. Take part in local elections. They are equally important as taking part in national elections. 

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