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Black-Owned Resources Curated by The Orchard

Black-Owned Resources Curated by The Orchard

It has been nearly two years since the music industry in particular took part in Black Out Tuesday, a day of discussion and education to kickstart changes across the system we take part in daily. 

The Orchard and our affiliates took this call to action very seriously, launching additional resource groups, investing in employees, partnerships, internal development, education and new hiring practices. The Orchard employees got serious as well, sharing personal experiences, resources, and doing the work as individuals and in their local communities. Artists such as ENNY and Jorja Smith used their platforms to do the same. Many artists developed campaigns that included items from Black-owned businesses and partnered with organizations to spread awareness, raise funding and advocate for social justice, equity and inclusion. 

In honor of Black History Month, we asked our employees to share their suggestions. Below are various resources, and black-owned businesses our team has selected to amplify. 


Nashville Music Equality

“I learned how to get involved in changing the landscape of the music industry in Nashville to be more diverse, equal, and inclusive. I think others can best utilize this resource by attending some of their virtual programming, donations, and reaching out to get involved.” – Rio

The Black Opry

“Black Opry has been instrumental in lifting up Black artists and voices in the Country and Americana communities, as well as being a vocal opponent of the very white-centric status quo in these genres. This is a great place for folks to discover amazing new Black artists, especially for fans of Americana or Country music.” – Derek



“By supporting black-owned businesses, we can celebrate diverse cultures, support local communities, and ultimately take a step towards closing the racial wealth gap by putting economic resources towards entrepreneurs who are making positive contributions daily to our society. WeBuyBlack is a global marketplace that promotes everyday items from black companies – toothpaste, laundry detergent, clothing, toys, beauty products, etc – so that anyone can help build wealth amongst black families who contribute $1.2 trillion to the US gross domestic product every year.” – Sammy Pisano

Black & Mobile

This national food delivery service was founded by two brothers from Philly. They have a food delivery service for Black-owned restaurants in various cities across the country. – Naledi

Reparations Club

“This is a Black-Woman owned bookstore in the Crenshaw / Mid-City area of Los Angeles. It’s a super-cute, tucked away location which has hosted a number of in-person events, talks, author conversations, etc. If you’re ever looking to buy any type of book selection, magazine, or other literary item, I would HIGHLY recommend supporting this store and buying from them!” – Ibi

Simply Wholesome

“Simply Wholesome is a Black-owned restaurant and store in South Los Angeles. They offer great food and natural/organic products. They have been highlighted by many artists including BLXST in his “Guide to LA” Tour.” – Naledi

Brooklyn Tea

“I learned a new appreciation for tea and it’s healing properties and also get to feel fancy drinking loose leaf tea.” – Kiara

Maury’s Hive Tea

“I drink green tea every morning and order from Maury’s every month! They have granulated honey inside of the tea bags so you don’t have to add any sweetener. Great idea!” – Naledi

The Woven Kente

“A black-woman-owned business, I bought a mask on Etsy from The Woven Kente over a year ago. The masks are so well made and reversible with gorgeous bold prints. I highly recommend them and just noticed they’re making a ton of other accessories lately too like hats, jewelry, incense, soap and more.” – Meredith

Genesis Tires and Auto Center

“Genesis Tire and Auto Center taught me about the importance of entrepreneurship. I can count on this business for literally everything. A true One-Stop-Shop – whether it be Oil Changes, Brakes, Tires, Detailing, or finding a used car –Daved (the owner) never turns me away. If you are in the NJ/NY or surrounding areas and need a trustworthy car dealership –this is your place!” – Jaloni

Chicer Collegiate

“It’s an official school licensed apparel company started by a Morehouse College alum. It includes great swag for my alma mater, Spelman College.” – Naledi

Actively BLACK

A premium athleisure brand. – Naledi

Home Jewels Co

A fragrance line producing assorted candles, soaps and more.

Dark Sugars

Artisan Chocolates and vegan treats based in Greenwich, UK.


A health and beauty line created specifically for natural curly hair. 

Kiya Cosmetics

‘Hair & Skincare For The Whole Family’

The Happy Hair co

Provides protective products for natural curly hair such as satin pillowcases, bonnets and more.

Liha Beauty

‘Shifting beauty culture. Natural African Roots & a Quintessentially British Attitude.’


A vegan skin and bodycare brand rooted in nature and cruelty-free.

Thés Lac Rose

Handmade high-quality tea blends. 

Collective Closets

Angolan born, Melbourne/Naarm made clothing and accessories. 

Earth Jiinda 

Aromatherapy and essential oils.

Unlax Candles

Scent shop with candles, sprays and more.

Mollie Makes

US-based Satin-lined hair accessories.

Willow Co Organics

‘Aboriginal Remedies to Modern Beauty. Organic products for improved skin & hair care.’

Bread Beauty Supply

Hair care products and oils.


Joe Madison: The Black Eagle (Podcast)

“I’ve been listening to Joe’s show for a long time. Amazing content” – Greg

The Last Black Man in San Francisco’ by Joe Talabot (Documentary)

“I learned how the black community struggles and faces difficulties everywhere, even in progressive cities like San Francisco.” – Hugo

Earn Your Leisure

“[A podcast, YouTube channel community, Earn Your Leisure share information about] financial literacy, understand how to get started and navigate the stock market.” – Lamar

“I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” by Nina Simone (Song)

“One of the most potent and important protest songs of the Civil Rights era, this version by Nina Simone had a massive impact on me when I first heard it, whilst studying Civil Rights at university. The emotion in her delivery offered a human connection to the African American struggle that history books could not convey and made me realise the importance of music as a form of Black expression and protest.” – Ben S

History of the Black Dollar’ by Angel Rich (Book)

“This book taught me the importance of building wealth in the Black community.  Economic social justice is crucial for members of marginalized cultural groups and this book explores the ways we can identify and overcome these barriers.” – Jaloni

Jordxn.simone (TikTok Content Creator)

“Let’s be honest, our generation suffers from being chronically online in the echo chambers known as social media. Social Media algorithms are designed to keep you in the app, not to educate you, so if you scroll through your Tiktok For You page and see only one color….Tiktok has no reason to intervene.

The value of social media comes from the power of hearing perspectives from one and all, big and small, so take this as a sign to take a look at what the algorithm gives you, and if it doesn’t serve you content from POC voices, seek them out in whatever communities / interests you identify with! They are for sure out there, and could use your like, follow, or subscribe~ Here’s one of my favorite accounts, @jordxn.simone–she’s currently doing a series called “Black History Fast Facts” with one fact for every day in February on TikTok. 

*the always necessary disclaimer, try and cross reference your facts whenever you see them online, especially when they come from internet personalities and not collective/scholarly orgs, and always always take it with a grain of salt–truth is complicated.” – Ally

Black Futures’ by Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham (Book)

This book offers a collection of stories, images, poems, memes, recipes and more to convey the vibrant, and powerful landscape of Black creators. – Naledi

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