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Is This Thing On? BalconyTV Teams Up With RØDE Microphones

main_feature_location-1424280432Our good friends at BalconyTV have just announced their new partnership with Australian-based RØDE Microphones! The two will join forces to now bring only the best sound quality to some of the best live music videos around. BalconyTV now has set up camp in over 60 countries, and they’re excited to bring RØDE with them as they expand and continue to provide the world with music with a view. 

Since 2006, BalconyTV has been making videos on… you guessed it, balconies around the world. They’ve featured artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and Mumford & Sons before they broke into the mainstream. Sound easy? It isn’t always! That’s where RØDE comes into play. “Whether outdoors, indoors or in studio, each location presents unique challenges and RØDE Microphones deliver pristine sound regardless of the conditions,” said Jeff Clyburn, President of BalconyTV. We can’t wait to see and hear what the two will do together.

For more information on this amazing new partnership, read our official press release, and keep yourself up to date with news from BalconyTV and RØDE.

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