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Author Archives: The Orchard Ads Team


Advertising 101: The Marketing Funnel

If you’re looking to run an advertising campaign but not sure what your main objective(s) should be, let’s first talk about The Marketing Funnel.   What is the Marketing Funnel? The purpose of the Marketing Funnel is to easily categoriz...


Advertising Case Study: The Marketing Funnel In Action

Summer Mix 2023 Playlist: Follower & Streaming Growth Goals Perfect Havoc is a UK dance and house record label, management, and events company responsible for breaking talent such as Joel Corry, PS1, Karen Harding, Kokiri, Tobtok, Oliver Nelson a...


The State of Advertising

Consumption Trends Knowing your target audience, how to communicate with them, and where to communicate with them is crucial when it comes to advertising and marketing. As of January 2022, it was reported that the average person spends about 6 hours and...


Advertising Case Study: Big Time Rush meets TikTok’s Super Like feature

Goals: Nickelodeon’s 2000s sweethearts Big Time Rush (BTR) are back together and starting a new chapter of their music with their recent single “Not Giving You Up.” After an 8-year hiatus, their reunion was the talk of the town for former super fans, op...


Advertising 101: Dark Posts vs. Boosted Posts

Dark Posts vs. Boosted Posts on Facebook Not sure about the difference between dark posts and boosted posts? Curious about which one might be more effective? Is there a cut-and-dry answer to that question? It’s important to understand the differences as...


Advertising Case Study: Alan Walker “Fake A Smile”

Goals: Alan Walker is considered one of the major superstars in the electronic music scene and his YouTube channel is the 11th largest official artist channel in the world. The campaign’s objective was to further increase artist awareness, drive YouTube...