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2022 Twitter Best Practices

Tapping into a user base of 353 million people, it’s safe to say that Twitter is a part of many people’s daily lives. Made primarily for conversation, thought sharing, and engagement with other users, Twitter and its tweets have reached every corner of the...


Marketing Music On Twitter: 2021 Best Practices

With over 145 million daily active users, Twitter has the potential to connect you to new and loyal fans alike. The biggest change we’ve seen this year from Twitter, in addition to their updated interface, has been the addition of Fleets. Read up on how Tw...



Twitterは、今年のアップデートでレイアウトが大きく変わりました。昔から使っている皆さんも多いと思いますが、改めて基本的な使い方からおさらいしていきましょう! Twitterの主な特徴と仕組み 日本語、韓国語、中国語では140文字まで、それら以外の言語では最大280文字までの文字数で、投稿(ツイート)を行うことができます。また、画像、動画、GIF画像、投票機能を使うこともできます。 1.動画 2分20秒までの長さの動画を投稿することができます。動画はフォロワーのタイムライ...


How To Promote Music On Twitter

For those less familiar with Twitter, the size of the platform may feel a bit daunting but think about all the opportunities and music-lovers just waiting to discover something new. With over 145 million monetizable (ad-seeing) daily active users, Twitter ...


A Guide To Live Streaming On Socials

Artists live for the ability to connect with their fans through music and live performances. There is something special about being surrounded by hundreds of people singing your lyrics and feeling the emotions you put into every song. During these unpreced...


The Music Industry Responds to Australian Fires

Australia has been experiencing some of the most severe and devastating fires in the country’s history. Blazes have been tearing through nearly every Australian state, with New South Wales hit the hardest -- more than 100 fires burning in the state alone. ...