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Where It All Began: The Orchard (A Place To Grow) – As Told By Richard Gottehrer

Imagine a time without high-speed internet, no cell phones, no iPods or iTunes, no Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or even MySpace; back when Amazon only sold books. This was the world in which The Orchard was born, back in 1997.  The story begins whe...


Discovering LGBTQ+ Pride In Music

At The Orchard we’re here because we have something in common -- a love and passion for music. We joined The Orchard because nothing gives us more joy than sharing music with the world and connecting fans on a global scale! Music has a magical ability to c...


Out Today by The Orchard: Lettuce, Butch Walker, & More!

Another Friday is here which means another round of new music releases! This week The Orchard is giving you new releases from funk group Lettuce, storyteller and singer-songwriter Butch Walker, and rising electronic singer DOOLIE.  Lettuce - Resonate (R...


Do You Even TikTok?!

What Is TikTok? While TikTok has been around for a few years now, its merger with and expansion worldwide, has resulted in the app quickly become a household name and major player in the digital space. TikTok is a remarkable app that is made ...


Keep It Interesting: Marketing With Instagram In 2019

As marketers in the age of social media you often have to ask, “am I using Instagram to its best abilities?” With frequent changes, are there new tools you could have overlooked? With upwards of 1 billion monthly users on the third most popular ...


Are You Using Instagram Stories To Its Full Potential?

With Instagram’s introduction of Polling for Instagram Stories, you might be asking yourself if you’re using the feature to its full potential. You're not alone. It seems every week there is a new update to the popular social media app. You could be surpris...