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A Global Community Like No Other

Beyond geography, language, heritage, religion, there’s another community with a culture of its own and that’s the LGBTQIA+ community. Bonded by a collective rebellion of gender norms and stereotypes, the queer community value fearless authenticity and are...


Let’s Talk Pronouns in Music!

October 20th is recognized annually as International Pronouns Day. This day was created to make the respect, sharing, and usage of pronouns commonplace. Pronouns should never be assumed by the way a person presents.  There are many ways to include ...


Discovering LGBTQ+ Pride In Music

At The Orchard we’re here because we have something in common -- a love and passion for music. We joined The Orchard because nothing gives us more joy than sharing music with the world and connecting fans on a global scale! Music has a magical ability to c...


Ten Minutes With W.A.S. Entertainment

W.A.S. Entertainment, formerly known as We Are Suburban, is an artist management and company that continues to branch out in support of their artists. Offering a holistic approach, W.A.S. Entertainment has recently expanded to offer label, publishing, A&am...


Ten Minutes With Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light is a Welsh independent singer-songwriter, pop music maker, DJ, and film lover based in New York. His music incorporates elements of synthpop, dance, and house music. Friday, October 30 is Bright Light Bright Light’s birthday, and ...


Ten Minutes with Nakala

Rising singer-songwriter Nakala (Majestic Casual) sings a distinct narrative for every track she releases. Most recently, Nakala’s new single “Undeniable” talks a lot about the undeniable change that was happening around her when she was writing the song. ...