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Ten Minutes With Easy Star Records

In its 25 years of business, Easy Star Records has made its mark within the independent reggae community. Starting in New York City, the label has now grown to a global operation unifying music lovers from all corners of the world. Rooted in a passion for ...


2019 Americana Music Awards: John Prine Does It Again

The Tree of Forgiveness has proven to be a record worthy of continuous recognition along with its creator, the one and only John Prine. Produced by another impressive musician particularly in the Americana sector, Dave Cobb, the album has amassed multiple ...


Music Trends: From CD Era To Streaming Era

Once upon a time, in a world where streaming wasn’t yet created, the only way to measure the success of a song or an album was to measure the number of purchases. As with many data indicators, once the information is pulled and used, the data often loses...