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What The #&@$ Do You Do, Mamuna?!?

Mamuna OyofoWTFDYD Mamuna Oyofo
Senior Director, Product Marketing & Design
Joined The Orchard in March 2014

We always see you running between the third and fourth floors with the product team, what the &%$* do you do?!!?
I do run around a lot, primarily to get my Fitbit steps in (j/k). Throughout the day, I’m tackling various tasks. At a very high level on the design front, my team and I work to establish a center of excellence for user-centered design vision and standards across all of The Orchard’s products.
In a broad sense, a product is anything that affects our customers.

An important factor in keeping our products excellent is understanding qualitative and quantitative research data goals, business goals and requirements to then translate into functional designs (this is the part requires a lot of trips up and downstairs). On the product marketing front, I work to ensure we are gathering actionable insights to inform our product decisions as well as ensuring different areas of the business are kept in the loop on upcoming product releases and how best to talk about those products.

Given these products are for our users, we want to continually make updates and/or introduce new features so that we are always providing value and staying competitive in the market.

Our sources tell us that you have a very impressive athletic history. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
Yes, in high school I played probably way too many sports. Given I was in Indonesia, I had the opportunity to travel around extensively playing volleyball, basketball, soccer and track. I carried that over to university where I was offered the opportunity to play basketball or join the track team. I joined the track team and became a heptathlete for George Mason University. I did that through all four years and now keep active doing various activities.

We’re all glad that one of those activities is running up and down The Orchard staircase. Thanks for telling us what the &%$* you do.

favorite place to eat in NYC: Upi Jaya – the food is delicious
the last celebrity you saw in person: Jason Bourne aka Matt Damon
favorite athlete: Kevin Garnett because he was sooooo into the game
random fact: I’ve lived in nine countries and speak three languages (not including English)

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